Way To Fall

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  1. Dankey Kang says:

    Will the peace envision by the Boss ever come to pass?

  2. Bigdsd89 says:

    This game was a masterpiece

  3. dann_ says:

    Listening this on a rainy day, when the "I've got something in my throat" part came it literally started to lightning outside… it felt so good yet so weird like I was in MGS 5 on a rainy extraction mission.

  4. sohaib says:


  5. xanavi 0023 says:


  6. Jon Doe says:

    "I've got something in my throat"
    Many years later:
    "The vocal chords parasites"
    Are they connected? I guess we'll never know.

  7. Adam Martinez says:

    We kill ourselves to live.

  8. Chief._.ezekiel 14 says:

    Boom 2019

  9. I am a disappointment to my parents says:

    An utter masterpiece.

  10. LosArchivosdelGeofront II says:

    Master Piece.

  11. Angryman 430 says:

    Kept you waiting huh?

  12. Sam Pendergast says:

    The only thing Metal Gear fans have to look foward to now is the movie!

  13. FireNinja606 says:

    Listening to this after Etika passed.

  14. NoiselessSorrow says:

    After years of Not playing this game i finished it yesterday again and the the feelings hit me back man…

  15. Whise says:

    I'm still here…

  16. Emronius says:

    "Kept you waiting huh"

  17. r e d s o c k s says:


  18. Black Troy McClure says:

    god those hips

  19. Mario Primiano says:


  20. Patriot128 says:

    They should remake this game for every new generation of console that comes along. Too classic

  21. Artemis Arrow says:

    You're pretty good

  22. BlackSheepMan says:

    *cries in english*

  23. Frootlewpz says:

    John is on the naughty list now

  24. Macumbeirinho says:


  25. Basily Jiménez Terrero says:


  26. Basily Jiménez Terrero says:

    Thansk Hojio Kojima.

  27. Basily Jiménez Terrero says:

    Thansk sneak ,

  28. Basily Jiménez Terrero says:

    Xo , i eat , drink .

  29. Basily Jiménez Terrero says:

    Runes Odín Tell where i going to go.

  30. Carl_Vercetti says:

    Press F to pay respect is for children.
    True man pay respect with flowers and a FULL AUTO ASSAULT RIFLE WITH INFINITE AMMO

  31. Adam Martinez says:

    I need to be alone while I suffer

  32. Scorpio Warrior says:

    I cried when I heard this for the first time, and I've never even played Metal Gear Solid.

  33. Fabio moscadelli says:

    i must be the only one who felt bad for liquid snake who was manipulated all along to became a bad guy

  34. Wesley VL says:

    Rip metal gear solid snake games

  35. jcosmozd says:

    Remember this song was written by a crippling alcoholic. Star sailor was a great pic!

  36. Oussama Hm says:

    2019 and I'm stilling here

  37. The Craic Den says:

    Excuse me for a moment. I've got something in my throat…

  38. Mete Tural says:

    She was a true… Patriot.

  39. Michael Lecaine says:

    Only real nibbas played this game

  40. Nathan Fuentes says:

    i dont cry…….. ok i cry 🙁 boss, never foget you, the true patriot

  41. J-Sama1990 says:

    I started to sip my beer and sat back quietly when the credits song began.

  42. Alexander Moreno says:

    Why are we still here …. just to suffer

  43. Bakers says:

    This is my workout music

  44. GALM 1 says:

    I dont why , but whenever heard this song make me cry

  45. Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd says:

    Legend they were , happened that way it may have .

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