WCTC Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement Academy

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I want to put on that uniform because that uniform is going to symbolize who you are that uniform is going to let others in your community know that you're the good person you are there to help the skills I look for in a candidate there's someone who can think fast on their feet isn't afraid to make a decision sometimes we deal with situations where you're making split-second decisions you need to make sure that you have good character and always making the ethical and moral choices when you're dealing with it's different situations someone who wants to immerse themselves and become involved in the community that they work in that's what I look for in an officer no two days are the same you never know what's gonna happen it could be a slow day all day and all the sudden emergency tones go out and then it's game time I think the best part of the job for me is when you're actually able to see the results of what you do sometimes you don't know in the long run if it helped if it made a difference but it's the times when someone stops you and mentioned hey thanks for helping out with this and it's really cool to know that what you did actually made someone's life better being on top of your game is what is expected of you at WCTC but you're not gonna do it alone you have your instructors and they want to see you succeed all of the instructors here either have been officers before or are retired officers and can apply that real life knowledge to the book work that you're learning the equipment in the facilities at Waukesha County Technical College our state-of-the-art WCTC has a lot of good equipment such as the Milo machine which is a use-of-force simulator that allows you to kind of experience real-life scenarios and decision-making in real time town over County mock police driver step out of the vehicle do it now put your hands in the air the program director the instructors go out of their way to keep up on all the trends and all the equipment that constantly changes in this profession and they get those tools so you train on them because that's what you're going to be using when you're out in the street expect the unexpected you're gonna see the good in people you're gonna see the bad in people don't be discouraged ever forget why you got into this line of work and it's probably to help people never forget that you

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