1. sofacus says:

    what happened to these guys?

  2. Nyx Atropos says:

    Yoooo where my Yukio Mashima was Artistically Justified music video? GET THE FUCK TO LA ALREADY

  3. Thomas Williams says:

    It feels like there are wood chips in my ears. Let the B E E S consume me

  4. rockkiller124 says:

    A good trip.

  5. Vape Wonk says:

    Is this satire?

  6. dr badboy says:

    i have a brother with moderate/severe autism

  7. Djinn Gang says:

    Yall from VA??

  8. hankowen99 says:

    I dug the Riki-Oh clips in the background

  9. SlappyCider says:

    omfg that tweet that flashed. living for this

  10. Austin B says:

    The aesthetic, the instrumentals, the vocals, the themes, all of it are truly something unique. There simply isn't another group that can match this noise and intensity.

  11. Angelus Forend says:

    Keep up the great work!
    Love your music.

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