Westec Intelligent Surveillance Video Verified Alarm Monitoring

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>>Narrator: Video Verification.>>Narrator: With the Westec Video Verification
Service, Intervention Specialists at the Central Command Center can verify the cause of an
alarm by using the surveillance system to look into your location.>>Westec Intervention Specialist: I see someone
walking across the property.>>Westec Supervisor: Right, go ahead and
dispatch police right away.>>Narrator: Our highly trained Intervention
Specialists our ready to identify, evaluate and respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.>>Westec Intervention Specialist: Hello,
this is Operator 705 with Westec InterActive Security, I need a dispatch on behalf of one
of our clients, Gold Coast, please.>>John Gurney, Tesoro: False alarms have
been a problem throughout the country. We have cases where law enforcement won’t even
respond to an alarm until there’s a verification, and obviously at the local level to achieve
that you have to get somebody out of bed to respond to the site. But through Video Verification
we can actually verify whether or not an incident has occurred and have law enforcement respond
accordingly. [camera triggered alarm… camera triggered
alarm…] [phone ringing, operator picks up]>>Operator: Missouri City, Theresa>>Westec Intervention Specialist: Hi, my
name’s Nicholas Hornbeck and I’m watching two burglars inside of a Zales.>>Operator: What’s the address, sir?>>Westec Intervention Specialist: The address
is 5730 Highway 6 South.>>Operator: They’re inside the store, Shannon.
At Zales. You see two of them?>>Westec Intervention Specialist: One of
them is wearing a hat.>>Operator: Okay, one wearing a hat. And
how about the second one?>>Westec Intervention Specialist: I can’t
tell on the second one. They’re bent over behind a case and I can’t see them. One
is heading towards the front door right now.>>Operator: One is headed towards the front
door?>>Westec Intervention Specialist: Correct.>>Operator: One is heading towards the front
door.>>Westec Intervention Specialist: And just
exited. One just exited.>>Operator: One just exited.>>Westec Intervention Specialist: Do you
have officers outside my store?>>Operator: Okay, yes we do, and also we
think we have them cause they’re not stopping. [Now, live, Local 2 today at 6am.]>>Reporter: Police say the men jimmied the
lock on the back door of the jewelry store with a crowbar. Now that set off a silent
alarm which alerted security company employees of the break-in. Live cameras detailed the
suspects’ descriptions and even their car. The security company notified Missouri City
police, who arrived within 2 minutes of the break-in.>>John Bailey, Captain Missouri City Police:
It just depends what type of technology a business wants to put in to their business,
how well do they want to protect it, and Zales is serious about protecting their business
and their inventory and they’ve got the best technology available.>>Narrator: Westec, Intelligent Surveillance.

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