What are the major cyber security challenges we face today?

December 4, 2019 posted by

So, cyber security is always facing new issues, because technology never stops advancing. Lots of companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon use AI in their systems – that’s now become a huge issue: how to make AI more secure. So, a big new threat is the huge number of devices we have, all of which have a lot of our personal data on them, and some of which we don’t even know about. The number of devices we need to secure is growing massively, and making the problem much harder to solve. So the biggest challenge I’m seeing, and that my clients are talking to me about, is just the amount of things that are now connected to the internet, and present points of attack. We went through a huge advent in technological disruption; we actually created new ways of working, and transformed so many different industries, but the problem is, some of these systems are around for decades, so now we’ve got to think about how we secure them for the future. Just understanding the decision-making process that an automaton is making, and weighing that up with what we want to know, how we want to know it, and knowing that we’re secure.

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