What if nuclear deterrence fails?

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6 Replies to “What if nuclear deterrence fails?”

  1. Rajasekhar Sajja says:

    Wonderful video. Kudos to your discerning talent.

  2. Ring Neck says:

    Much of the energy of the atom bomb goes up(vertical) in mushroom cloud. A tactical nuke is much efficient than a convention nuke but debate comes more when we take air defence cover into account.

    On a foreign forum, there were talks among firangis about smuggling and detonating a nuke inside Kashmir which will successfully pit India against Pakistan and China in a convention war.

  3. GANESH KUMAR V says:


  4. Mildly Offensive Memes says:

    Wow.Well researched content and excellent presentation.I am surprised you dont have more subscribers.Please don't stop making these videos.

  5. Vishal says:

    my god…crazy people made this monster

  6. David Greenberg says:

    The U.S. needs to strike n.Korea, china and Russia with a preemptive biological attack!

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