What Is Cybersecurity? Cyber Threats We Should Remember!

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Today people use the Internet to
advertise and sell products in various forms, communicate with their customers
and retailers and perform financial transactions due to this hackers and cyber criminals use the Internet as a tool to spread
malware and carry out cyber attacks. In the 1950s the world “cyber” used to refer
to “cybernetics” – the science of understanding the control and movement
of machines and animals. This was followed by a “cyber” standing for
“computerized”. The 1990s brought around a new cyber related term. The word “cyberspace” emerged to define an invented physical space that some people wanted
to believe existed behind the electronic activities of computing devices Today the term is almost exclusively used to describe information security matters gone are the days when passwords were enough to protect the system and its
data. We all want to protect our personal data and professional data and thus
cyber security is what you should know to ensure data protection Cyber security aims to protect the computers, networks and software programs from such cyber
attacks. Most of these digital attacks are aimed at accessing alterning or
deleting sensitive information, extorting money from victims or interrupting
normal business operations In acomputing context security comprises
cyber security and physical security both are used by enterprises to protect
against unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized
systems. Information security which is designed to maintain the confidentiality
integrity and availability of data is a subset of cyber security. A cyber attack
is an attack that is mounted against you and me
meaning our digital devices by means of cyberspace
cyberspace a virtual space that doesn’t exist has become the metaphor to help us
understand digital weaponry that intends to harm you me and all of us what is
real however is the intent of the attacker as well as the potential impact
while many cyber attacks are merely nuisances some are quite serious even
potentially threatening human lives the cyber attacks are general terminology
which covers a large number of topics but some of them are authorized access
to the targeted system and accessing sensitive information tampering systems
and data stored within exploitation of resources disrupting normal functioning
of the business and its processes using a ransomware attacks to encrypt data and
extort money from victims cyber attacks can cause electrical blackouts failure
of military equipment and breaches of national security secrets they can
result in the theft of valuable sensitive data like medical records they
can disrupt phone and computer networks or paralyze systems making data
unavailable it’s not an exaggeration to say that cyber threats may affect the
functioning of life as we know it

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