What is Remote Security?

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At this point, no security system will be
able to stop irreplicable damage and loss of company property. But Watchman is no ordinary security
system. Watchmen stops crimes before they happen. Attention, this is Watchman Security! You
are trespassing! Leave now! We live in an exciting and uncertain
time, where continuously evolving threats to private and corporate security demand
innovative and cost-effective solutions. Luckily, there is an answer. Watchmen
Security by Remote Security Solutions. Our company was founded eight years ago with the mission of providing meaningful security to our clients, at an affordable
price. We secure our clients properties
remotely, using adaptable services and enhanced situational awareness. Our company history includes 30 years in the uniformed guard business, and thats important as we see our role as
securing our client’s facilities as opposed to simply monitoring alarms. Our 360 degree surveillance system, with analytic technology, provides 24-7
security presence on site and detects intruders as soon as they breach the
premises, and before they’re able to commit crimes. When an intruder has
spotted a live voice challenge alerts that they are trespassing achieving an
excellent deterrent capability. This is Watchman Security! You are
trespassing! Leave now! The individual in the black shirt you are trespassing! The police have been
called! Approved visitors to the property are
admitted via access authorization points which verify their identity to ensure
that the only visitors to your site are those whom you authorize ahead of time. Watchman Security can I help you? Hi this is Mrs. Jacobson. Ok, can I please see your ID? Thank-you, Mrs. Jacobson the door has
been released, have a great day. We provide remote receptionist services
to efficiently manage our client’s lobbies. We also provide on-demand escorts for
persons leaving our client’s buildings to assure their safety. Our services can serve as a standalone solution or work in concert with an onsite security team as a force multiplier. We
bring the latest technology to bear, coupled with a professional security team
here at our command center to provide great security at affordable price. Our command center is located in a Tier-One data center, with uncommon power and telephany capabilites. Our nationwide dealer partner network allows us to provide local integration and support anywhere, and we
are looking forward to being a part of your security solution.

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