What Still Scares You About Cybersecurity? – Black Hat 2019

September 13, 2019 posted by

– David Spark reporting
for the CISO series. I’m here at Black Hat 2019, or as I like to call it, the “scare the crap out of me festival”. Because what you were
scared about last year is completely different this year. And these growing threats, well, they’re getting scarier and scarier. So I had to ask some
security professionals about that very issue. What scares you about cybersecurity? – How much time do we have? – Everything. – Everything. – Absolutely everything. – So you’re getting into an industry where everything’s scary? – Yeah, that’s what’s exciting about it. – The unknown. – The unknown. – The unknown unknowns. You don’t know what’s going
on or where it’s going on. – It almost seems like
it’s an ongoing war. A constant threat. – It’s the constant thing. – The speed of change. – Cyber criminals are always evolving. Today’s attacks are different tomorrow. – It just comes down to security having a hard time keeping up. – Kinda like raising kids. Once you figure out one age
they’re like they get older and then whole new problem. – When computers connect to our cars. – Smart homes. – Our medical devices. – Things that need to actually
keep the heart ticking. – Getting it wrong now
affects life and property. – What scares you about cyber security? – The bad actors. – People who just can, you
know, spoof my identity, use it everywhere else. – You think a lot of people wanna be you? – No. I wouldn’t challenge
anyone who wants to be me. – You know, election tampering. Democracy, we’re about to trash it all because someone can go
and hack an election. – The vulnerability
within our power grids. – We run DNS for the world. One of those packetive destine areas can bring down the entire internet. – What scares you about cybersecurity? – The basics. – The basics. – The younger generation as they come up, they just kinda inherently
trust these things that they really shouldn’t. – Don’t give people access to stuff they don’t need access to. – Everyone’s chasing AI machine learning, but we’ve still got the
basics to grapple with. – Nobody’s formally trained. – At the end of the day you need to hire qualified people with qualified skills to protect our assets. – You have a lot of people who are coming out with the
latest and new technologies, but I still don’t understand what problem they’re trying to solve. – Most of what we’ve done in application security has failed. I’ve been doing this for 25 years. What scares me is that I’m gonna die without seeing any improvement.

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