What the Law says About Searching of People by the Law Enforcement Agents

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Ruby discussed indiscriminate indiscriminate searches of personal law enforced by law enforcement agencies you may ask us the question the police and the police search me on the road the police can't police enter into my house of second oxide what is all the questions we in chain and so on such week this week now now it is correct it is correct and run police for the public stop drip pass that to trip out on that section under Section 4 of the police and also nothing and also knowledge on 28 police of the police under to conducts a peasant's all suspects are suspects that suspect admission of commission on offense of an offense when this is done when this is dog said that the police conduct a search on its path because said can be conducted either on the body inspect of a suspect at the residence or even wrote on the road including on the back someone of somewhat expected as a suspected of having committed and what are the losses although the loss of a job station 144 144 of the administer of the administration of Criminal Justice Act of 2015 d D police annalisa and Ola law enforcement agency study three of the statutory power to conduct such conduct says and resident residents of pesos on the Panozzo on the body specs of sauce party lift up computer and or for this to happen for this to happen with the police often hard to obtain wire records from a course of mitosis of people to come to be able to conduct police required what is required warrant ordinary gain access to gain access easily premises embody that of somebody that is being sort of an allegation an allegation of common offense of an offense police I can the police searched the phone and ran around on the north is no answer is no cause because such deep except the police suspecting so vomiting of committing cyber crime cybercrime is all it so spirit it will not be that it cannot be every commission of an offense dad but even are required by law requires a nasturtium 4500 them December crimes are disturb a crime is a crime out of 25 who lead us to obtain my records from a court to write them to search before da da electric power to convene to conduct a no-pressure on the phone of pastor sources were stopped and said and it is coal is not is not just that Jose Tabata is simply police by the police can just open even begin to converge on the contrary this will require police will require warrants of degree warrant so to be able to do to be able to however however way where is reasonable suspicion is a stop at the very bottom patio night sonic cow inside a coward vehicle on the road on the roads may be really cool is may be release may be allowed have access to have asked questions for request access to condoms bottom line is that the bottom line is official stop busting is another should not be the leader should not be fluent and we try not be arbitrary we won't attach what we have said so far to eat that while the Lorie Cornett is involved another law enforcement say the conducts a is the procedure the procedure or not for that to be of course there and of course there are remedies available with the people's right to premise right to provision or NASA for example under Section 37 of the quad Vichy French of have been infringed of citizens to live food in a graphical telegraphic communication is protection guaranteed on that is what is right is what is right is infringed or they believe in the cause of sellin our shortcomings are rated force against against a law enforcement agent that would be I hope that we'd be able to clarify what the laws regarding indiscriminate

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