When Public Officials Want Privacy, Trump Should Build a Wall Around Them-1st Amendment Audit

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rats KC camera boy here at the El Segundo PMB four people are able to go in but these are just people with numbers why are you doing you're like what is that for pretty funny though guys get a sense of humor [Applause] and so you don't have to know they're hoping they don't get a reaction because security you stay away from these people they make us out to be crazy gotcha no no we're just trying to educate that we all have a right to okay so excuse me I'm onto you guys from gets up early where San Joaquin win yeah I want to make sure that all our tax dollars are spent accordingly and that take your best with me to be able to answer I'm trying to find out why the line is so long outside well get to work then get to work get to work we're working right now man I know you guys are here but because we have information that you cannot film hard that personal information if the public don't know from the public know you can oh you know what you can do right let Donald Trump a letter and ask me to build a wall information that's why we have 25 photographic memory tell me why the line is so long outside if people are standing out there in the heat and you sir not okay a big ole einar man I like that wall part no we won't Manor but but I think that's our responsibility to take care of private information on powders okay Hey gracias por espresso su primera me and i–i silly register grando Basia say hay sólo hace bien americano which is here a can be regarded the father Kieren apartamentos okay people Amy my van let's be frank you guys find out the name man she ate at window number three now serving g18 at window number again they stand around after me so a quick question if handicapped people do they get a faster number they will still get away in line like the bigger line or can you explain me that because I just saw a guy on a wheelchair and I don't know I think I've got a faster number than the rest of the other people go ahead I mean it's a quick question I'ma be serious like I'm I'm trying to ask you a question sheesh I answered that question maybe people from this city are gonna watch the video and you know handicapped people and they they want to have a faster service and radar people why guys not okay try to make it cool for you but guess you're not so not go ahead so quick question Oceania as the guy question um for example I just saw a guy in a wheelchair do they get like a faster service did they get like a number that's faster for them or they also get they are still have to be in line like the rest of everybody okay okay I mean just wonder because I asked them right now and then now serving G what's not to rattle window number three welcome anytime anything son do they be in via Hawthorne right I've only been waiting for it five minutes but I'll Drive you wait in another four hours cuz I just walked in oh my goodness you had a number now not yet not yet okay should probably help you right now what's going on which is all the blood the coefficients of Anibal and we're making sure that digit is because you can see the line up there it's a bigger line so you're trying to have you rush it I think all the people waiting I hope so excuse me there so my question is this Oh Nate skate 180 to get him down here so this is with appointment only you know what I'm say well my hair now serving g19 five-window number three now serving my men have you got a bachelor number but everybody out to you or they give you the same thing just making sure look at all these people they show actually handicapped before dat faster now that's been here since 3:30 and this guy here whoa and it's almost 5:00 yeah 4:30 right now he's been here for an hour this is what the system is yep waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting it's okay though it's all but it's open I can see it from public so the time yeah thank you for you coming to appreciate that I don't know there must be like 20 lines here have a good one thank you it's a very depressing scene I heard the president tell you that I'm a rage depressed so this is probably more people than in the town you live in there's like 20 times than where I live there's a lot to be said I mean he gets fooled but not like this so that guy out there who was babysitting you guys get up man helping people here right look at the counter over there there's a guy on the wheelchair he can barely reach it that's not even compliant in compliance you should be over there we're the handicapped said like II can't be doing that gonna be doing that to them just check them it's gonna be about file hour wait are you serious haha I mean I kind of any me don't know yeah yeah if any of you okay so this guy likes to do a scared he's all mad what it's toasty toast just making sure they take care of each ester.ayerdi force because look at the line outside yeah we're trying to fix these long lines hmm yeah just that guy in front of us and the red with the cap on he's even suppose we wearing it like a cap my there in touch is that Sun too bright for him shall we hit it that's it that's it sorry but continuations of New York music engage with their satellite probably very good which looks pretty normal to me I think 30 bucks a session hey you got a free lift you get every lesson today that's right we're Solaria very professional help you guys get a race why nobody for me okay is it always yes they don't want to talk now I think that under not to talk to us episode guys have been gonna wrap this up I already started moving that's it and I wouldn't like to be here just waiting oh no no no all right Casey count on boy tell people people talking about loosing weight right there I can't believe it I wanna do some weight all right that's it thank Casey camera boy please help people adjust here well I guess the line is moving a little right now now that when we came to this yeah next time you guys bring a sleeping bag alright we're trying to get these lines down to the DMV yeah maybe they hurry up mm-hmm tell you that all right peace out that's it this is how we do it power to the people peace


37 Replies to “When Public Officials Want Privacy, Trump Should Build a Wall Around Them-1st Amendment Audit”

  1. snuggyization says:

    Quote from Auditing America:
    “The private sector is always hiring!”
    That ‘door man’ 🤚🏼hmmmm?
    He answered another person……

  2. Michelle Campbell says:

    They need to bring back the Get Smart's "Cone of silence", problem solved.

  3. Daddy Keller says:

    The way that the very first lady public servant acted in this video is awesome… she listened to what the citizen had to say and she was open to learning and understanding something new… not that this is new law because its not it's been around since the beginning we're just now tired of being kicked around by the police that we're starting to use the laws that are available to us to combat against their tyranny and oppression

  4. Jesse Leal says:

    Guy with camara thinking he famous 😂😂😂😂

  5. Jesse Leal says:

    He asked the guy want to take a photo in Spanish 😂😂guy said NO!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Tom Flexster says:

    If I want to be at calm peaceful place, I would go to a California DMV office.

  7. ekitkit says:

    What a nice lady security guard. If I wasn't so fat and old I would offer her some tassel.

  8. D MV says:

    The people freaking out over being recorded in public need to be reminded that they are not freaking out over huge corporations or the government recording them in public, but are freaking out over their peer citizens doing what huge corporations and the government do. Cameras everywhere. The government has satellites in space recording and taking pictures of people. Every crime in the world could be solved by these satellites orbiting the Earth, they just don't want to let on that the technology is that advanced. That the cameras are that good. Whatever technology we have today, the government had 30 years ago. Remember that.

  9. Dave D says:

    They have guards to guard door so why is he standing there like a deer in headlights?

  10. Dave D says:

    Souverign citizen employee guarding door must be embarrassed by his name or his employment. Tax dollars hard at work doing nothing .

  11. strictly euro sem says:

    Hit that ass still

  12. strictly euro sem says:

    Got you got you

  13. Mr_x 1992 says:

    You think that line is long… you have not seen the lines I saw here in the 3rd world… insane lines, I never saw the end

  14. Raven The Man Hater 9999 says:

    I wanted to hear your comments on the lady with the badly put on eyelashes in the thumbnail!

  15. Audit R Servants says:


  16. USNVA says:

    That DMV has an antiquated business practice of herding the public into their facility like cattle and making them waste half a day waiting to be served. They should be more like my area with mobile DMV offices. It apparently operates more efficiently.

  17. Linda N says:

    What the hell are those things on its eyes?

  18. Kiwipete says:

    Can’t you do any DMV business online?

  19. Scott Meagher says:

    Great job gentlemen! 👍Much respect ✊

  20. King Zartan says:

    I'm all for audits. I'm not for the excuse auditors give about auditing. how is filming telling you how tax dollars are being spent? you're not doing book keeping audits. you're not doing budget audits. you're filming the lines. you're filming the people. you're auditing the officials. none of that tells you about your tax dollars. just like our ID doesn't tell a cop what we're doing.

  21. Cindy Duran says:

    That balded guy was a piece of work. To good to be professional and answer a question. He doesn't deserve his job. 👍👍

  22. A CAMARO says:

    I enjoy watching your videos. Keep up the good work. One thing though ,your spanish is worst then your english bro. LOL

  23. Joe Sigl says:

    Was that Noxzema Jackson?!!!

  24. Norm Norman says:

    Gang raped, metaphorically speaking by camera cowards.

  25. angel rodney says:

    Y'all scared the ish out of her when y'all walked in from the look on her face she thought y'all where from the t.v show cheaters.

  26. harles5000 Chembetrayals says:

    She was very cool and respectful, well done Miss! Now action!

  27. Bob Barnes says:

    From the first time I saw one of the 1st ammendment audits I wondered what the reply would be if, instead of a camera, the auditor told the complainent they had a photographic memory and was storing mental images of all they could see. Would they order your mind to be wiped? At last Kern County Transparency have told one of the snowflakes they have one. Well done, thank-you and please keep up the good work.

  28. old_school_4ever says:

    Hey KC… i always go to that DMV. If I had know you were going to be there. I would've hang out with you and SJ. Great jobs man.

  29. Poboygaming says:

    This is the service we are forced to pay for. The DMV is a scam, we don't need permission to travel. We have the right to travel unmolested across these united state's via horse, carage or automobile. The DMV is molestation of the public and they think you can sign your rights away and give the police the authority to moleste you again on the streets.

  30. Saw Stephen Say says:

    If someone does like that I remember sgv new he always says shala mehala. I tell my 4 year old daughter she ask what is that mean. I don’t know eather



  32. Brian Veth says:

    I’ll never ever go to California just because there’s too many people. How do they live like that???

  33. Samuel Lane says:

    You should have stuck around until 5:00 pm to see the reaction when they tell everyone to "Come back tomorrow."

  34. Samuel Lane says:

    I've got it! It's a government health care clinic!

  35. Big Steve says:

    You're exactly right, why is it when the public officials fail to protect our privacy, it's everyone's ELSE'S fault but them?

  36. Samuel Lane says:

    Whee was this? Disneyworld?

  37. Yota Doug's Tool Collecting Channel says:

    KC this is insane!! I freak out if I cant get in and out at the dmv within a few minutes! how do you guys do this!! How is there not multiple locations around the city and county to support all the people? A person shouldn't have to spend their day off standing inline at the dmv! This is really out of hand and a fire marshall and federal complaint needs to be made.

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