Why Not to Buy an Extended Car Warranty (Scam)

January 5, 2020 posted by

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
help you decide if you should buy an extended warranty when you buy a car or not, now
extended warranties came into my mind a few days ago, when one of my customers
was buying a brand new car and they said, the salesman was pushing and
pushing for hours to sell them one of these extended warranty plans, and since
they’re buying a new Toyota I said, well you didn’t waste your money and buy one
did you, they said no, we just went with a warranty that the car came with, but they
wanted to know why they were pushing the warranty sales to him, well I did a
little research on the internet and found out why, the answer was simple, it
turns out that when they’re selling you one of these extended warranty plans, the
Commission to the sales guy is almost 50% of what you’re paying for the entire
insurance policy, so they’re making the money selling it to you, and conversely,
that means that half of the money you’re spending goes for a commission, so the
insurance policy is only worth half of the money you pay for it, that’s a great
deal for the salesman, but not such a hot deal for you, as an example, I had a customer
with a Volvo that bought one of those extended warranties on a used car, and he
brought it to me and I looked I said, well the rear main seal the engine is
leaking oil, so I called up the company and they said, oh well that’s not covered
under the warranty, you have to realize that an extended warranty is just an
insurance plan through an insurance company, and guess who decides what’s
covered and what isn’t the company itself, and when I read through the guys
policy, I told him, I said, the only person that could really comprehend this
policy would be a lawyer / mechanic, because there were legal terms, but there
are also mechanical terms, so you’re not going to find too many lawyers /
mechanics to help you out, and to make matters even worse, I had another
customer who had a Fiat, and they bought an extended warranty from a third party,
when they brought it over here and I found out that it needed an alternator, I
called the 1-800 number, only to find that the company didn’t exist anymore,
they’d gone bankrupt, I find if you’re buying a quality car like a Toyota, or Honda,
and something that’s really going to last, you’re better off looking at the money
that it costs for the extended warranty, just put that in the bank, and use that
for repairs, and you’ll probably be thinking Scotty years down the line, when you
don’t spend any of that money on the repairs that would have been covered, and
you still have the money that you would have wasted on this policy, but there are
times that I do advise my customers to buy a warranty policy, and that is when
they buy the wrong type of car, if they buy a Mercedes, or a Jaguar,
by all means buy a policy, but buy it from the dealer where it’s going to be
stood by, because I’ve had many customers with Jaguars, Mercedes, Porsches, they
ended up getting five or six times the amount of work done that they paid for
the policy on those cars, because they break down as they age, but then again if
you’re wise, don’t even buy those cars in the first place, so now you know a bit
more about extended warranty policies why it’s probably not a good idea for
you to waste money on them, but why the salesmen love try to sell them to you, more
quick fixes on the Scotty Kilmer channel.


100 Replies to “Why Not to Buy an Extended Car Warranty (Scam)”

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  2. Stevireno3 says:

    First time watching this guy. You Rock.

  3. SuperAlexb89 says:

    What about endurance insurance? is not warranty is more like an insurance program … thanks !

  4. Tony Steel says:

    I purchased an extended warranty on a preowned luxury vehicle. I figured that I’d do this to subdue possible financial out-of-pocket risks. My thought was that if something would go south on the vehicle, it would show its ugly head within the first two years of normal driving. And I must admit that that 2-year extension paid more than triple in repairs. Yet after the warranty expired, I didn’t renew. I’m in a great position to simply pay out-of-pocket. I can definitely say that it was a calculation that was well-worth it.

  5. orochikaiba says:

    The dealer offered me an extended warranty for my 2018 Honda Accord, for 8 year/100,000 miles. Full coverage bumper to bumper. I felt that wasn't so bad as with my KIA I bought an extended warranty only to find that the one thing I need covered, my catalytic converter, is not

  6. smurry915 says:

    I think manufacturers warranty are pretty good. It has to be the manufacturers! . I bought an extended warranty on my Ford Fusion energi through Ford Motor Company The warranty was 2k and I’ve had over 5k in warranty repairs done to the vehicle. It’s been worth it to me. The car is 3 years old and has 48k miles. I have coverage with premium care up to 144k miles! Up to 8 years past the original bumper to bumper warranty!

  7. Robert G says:

    Car Shield is a scam. Google it if you dont believe me.

  8. 1pcmedic says:

    Bought a 3rd party extended warranty in 2009, it said if the warranty was not used during its term they would provide a 100% refund of the purchase price. So when the window regulator went, I paid for it out of pocket. Anything small I paid out of pocket, saved the warranty for the engine or transmission. The term expired, I wrote them the letter asking for the refund and they sent the check the next month!

  9. Lee St.Louis says:

    I fell for that shyt unfortunately…

  10. Aurany says:

    Sorry but Scotty is simply wrong. Is he referring to the extended Mopar warrannty that costs like 2K for a total of 8 years full coverage. Is he stating that Chrysler will not stand behind that? That is some serious accusations here. Is he stating that Geico as a third party won't stand behind their policy?

    Can someone explain what this is all about? Because 5 extra years full coverage for $2K is a pretty awesome deal! Anything besides wear and tear is covered plus trip interruption plus first day rental. If you get the Jeep Wave for $150 I think a year you get 2 oil changes and 2 tire rotations per year! I mean seriously all this is somehow not a good deal???

  11. J B says:

    Absolute truth here. The only thing more worthless than buying an extended warranty, is buying life insurance at the dealer. Two of life's great rip-offs! Years ago my father died, insured to the hilt, and my mother wound up paying off a Cadillac. Same thing with my brother-in-law, left my sister a Mercury to pay off. They just don't pay off on car dealer life insurance policies. Never gonna happen. The life insurance companies bankrupt every month. Bought a new RAV4 couple of years ago, great deal thru TrueCar, zero interest, then came the ordeal with the dealer finance manager. Top of the line warranty was over $6,000. Had to threaten to walk out to get the deal moving again. The Finance manager just sat there stonewalling, as if I was going to say, "well, OK". I've been hustled at the dealer before, but that's over. Sometimes, ya just gotta walk away.


    Hi Scotty Kilmer , In South Africa Toyota and Lexus offers a 2year 250 000km warranty extension on their used cars less than 7 years old.
    Do you think it would be necessary to buy a warranty extension on a 3rd gen 2013-2014 Lexus IS 350 F Sport RWD car with roughly 100 000km on the clock?

  13. Jah Domination says:

    What about car shield?

  14. Luis Figueroa says:

    Need some advice about a good warranty for a used bmw?

  15. Arthur E. Michalak says:

    I bought extended warranty on our 2015 CR-V and 2014 Maxima, both from dealers, saved our asses on both cars. Electronic repairs after 3/36 are halfway to the warranty cost each. Modern cars have electronic issues, rarely power train issues. Peace of mind for me. If I was trained like Scotty and worked on my own cars like he does, I could pass on 100,000 Honda Sentinel. I am not and don't have the time to fix a backup camera, heated seat elements, drive shaft assembly, and window actuators, and the many other things that could go wrong. Electronics are planned obsolescence.

  16. William says:

    I’m starting to think you only make videos for people with Toyota’s and Honda’s. Also idk why you’re screaming if you don’t even have good points.

  17. jag off says:

    Extended warantees are just a money maker for the company and the dealer.

  18. Gary R says:

    I don't get extended warranties on anything. TV, DVD, appliance, you name it I don't get it. The money you pay for the extended warranty can be put into a saving account then when it reaches like $1,000 put it into a CD, then when it gets bigger like around $2,000 put it into a mutual fund. The money grows with interest in the mutual fund then if you have a major repair use that money. Small repairs I pay cash.

  19. Marko - WhiteBoard Finance says:

    I did a video about how dealerships rip people off. The comments section is FULL of dealership employees getting so mad lol.

  20. Block Busterz says:

    So Scotty! Does this go for a vehicle purchased at the official dealership with the extended dealership warranty added aswell? Verses a regular car dealer with the vehicle u want on the side of the road….

  21. Cat x says:

    What do you think about CarShield?

  22. Mr G says:

    Looks like i made a good decision of buying 5 yr old honda civic. It's been almost a year with no problems till now and hopefully it will be the same for next 4/5 years

  23. josh bailey says:

    We have bought 3 suvs from carmax and we got extended warranty on all of them. Over the course of like 10 years small things have come up on the cars that cost at max 900 bucks and every time they payed without any stress or push back. They payed for their selves twice over. Oh and btw the video u posted not long ago that said those car places that say u can return for 7 days and u said u can’t. Bullshit. Done it had friends do it. So more bullshit

  24. Dorf Crunklstein says:

    What the hell is fenix protect and why do they keep contacting me

  25. Fernando Carrillo says:

    Thanks Scotty!

  26. TheGtracer1994 says:

    Never ever get an extended warranty

  27. Gilles Bonneteau says:

    you are so right about all the scams

  28. Phoenix Rising says:

    I agree that most car extended warranties are worthless. But here is my story- Bought a brand new 2012 Honda Civic Si. I paid $1500 for their “Honda Care” extended warranty (which is a 7 year plan). After about 25,000 miles my clutch started making an awful squealing noise letting off in 1st gear from a stop. (After researching I found out that every single 2012 Civic Si came with a defective clutch and they all squealed.) The dealer started playing games with me and blamed me for the clutch issue. I opened a corporate case with Honda and the Honda Case Manager also wouldn’t cover a new clutch replacement($2000). When the case manager for Honda learned that I had the “Honda Care” extended warranty and that I was essentially double covered (factory warranty plus extended warranty), and that I wasn’t backing down with my demands for a new clutch free of charge. They finally approved a free clutch replacement. I also used the “Honda Care” warranty several times for a free battery jump over the years. Now in 2019 my civic is paid off and I still have a few months left of my “Honda Care” warranty. Although I 100% agree that extended warranties are a scam, I am ultimately glad that I bought the Honda Care extended warranty. Now my 2012 Civic is paid off and I am happy with my car. Of course the 2012 Civic Si is perhaps the worst civic ever made and you will not see barely any of them left on the road. But I am an exception and driving mine with zero problems now. Love the videos! Cheers!

  29. Raouul Kay says:

    guys a little eccentric,wherever he goes,he steps on Toyota

  30. Howard Jefferson says:

    I have to disagree. Fully. I am a service advisor at a dealer and I deal with ext service contracts EVERYDAY. some of them are absolutely a joke, there is a company called N-Wan that we deal with extensively. They are great. You will wish you have some type of extended warranty on a vehicle when it’s time for a repair. I would agree to putting that money aside for repairs and use it when necessary but most people aren’t in a position to do that especially if they are financing a car.

  31. Brian Nixon says:

    I just bought a used 2014 SS Camaro and purchased the extended warranty.. A month and a half after owning it the oil pump went bad and the lifter were running dry for over 10 minutes while it was warming up and I did not know that. When I went out to the car there was a message on the dash that said low oil pressure turn off vehicle immediately. So I did. Took it to the dealership and there’s metal in the oil pan, motor has to be replaced. Extended warranty is covering every bit of it and I haven’t made one payment yet.. Warranty cost $2000, new engine cost over $5000. I’d say I came out on top

  32. Prestige Lawn Care says:

    How could you thumbs down this video; shame on you.

  33. Richard Austen says:

    All warranties generally cover the "trough" period. The manufacturer of a flat screen TV for instance will give you a 1-2 year warranty – if it lasts 1-2 years chances are it will last 8+. The warranty provider will have cover you for years 2-5 where the LEAST amount of break downs happen. They are all a numbers game just like casinos and these warranty companies are happy to pay off the odd few year 4 failures so they can get word of mouth that Joe got a brand new TV after 4 years. This is the same for cars.

    I understand why people go for them on a new car – a lot of people can't really afford to buy a new car outright and they take out a 5 year payment plan – now if Toyota and Honda only give you three years – then it's tough for these buyers. They may not be able to afford the car payment AND the new engine or other major repair cost at the same time – this makes Hyundai and Kia more attractive as they give 5 year bumper to bumper warranties – covering the person who is making car payments. It's tempting – in Canada you pay say $38,000 for the car – Toyota only has 3 years 60,000km. For $3,500 or so you can extend that to 8 years, 200,000km so given that it is the manufacturer extended warranty over third party – this is one of those tough calls. 5 years and 140,000km of pretty much bumper to bumper coverage might make some sense. If the engine does go – My Corolla engine died at 140,000km and a friend had his Tercel engine die at 70,000km – fully maintained by Toyota. I think I was out $2400 for a new second hand engine with 30,000km on it (and three months later that engine was having trouble as well – eesh Toyota reliability eh?). So a $3500 warranty isn't looking to too bad.

  34. manuel sarria says:

    I just bought my car three days ago can I cancel my service warranty at any time or am I screwed I had a brain fart at the dealership didn’t know what I was getting till I got home.

  35. Justin Conway says:

    Hey Scotty! Love your videos! I have a question about buying a warranty and was wondering if you could help.

    I bought a 2015 Audi Q3 because it was listed as the most reliable car of its class for 2015 by JD power. The car only has 20000 miles on it but I plan to keep it for a while. I was advised to get the extended warranty because Audi parts are expensive. I know typically you might not advise to purchase it but, I'm getting a discounted rate of $2,700 for 5 years, 60,000 miles, factory warranty, and it's their most comprehensive warranty – pretty much covers everything. What do you think – worth it? Thanks in advance!

  36. QuantumRift says:

    I generally buy the extended warranty FROM THE DEALER. I also typically pay less than 50% of the price they want to sell it to me for. We purchased in 2011, a new 2012 Genesis 3.8L Sedan, and the extended warranty from the dealer was thru Zurich. We've used it several times, and all told, we paid about $800 for the warranty, but have had over $2500 worth of work paid for by it. No brainer, if you negotiation the COST of the warranty. It's only a SCAM if you pay full price and never use it. We also paid about $400 for the extenede paint and body coverage – two years ago, just about 2 months before the warranty expired on the paint, the clear coating started getting brown splotches on the front and rear bumpers. We got the bumpers removed and painted, no issues, problems, etc which would have come to over $2000 as they had to totally strip the bumpers, paint, then clear coat them. Not once but three times to get the right color. Again, a WIN.

  37. ukdirector85 says:

    "You'll probably be thanking Scotty years down the line"

  38. Wils says:

    I bought a 3 year old with 20k kms and the dealership tricked me into buying an extended warranty.. didn't even tell me i have signed the paper where they charge me 2k cad.. 5 days later i read the computations and found the extra charge.. gone back to the dealership and demanded to take the charge back. Lesson learned. Read everything you are signing

  39. Half Eaten Media says:

    He speaks the truth. Idk why I bought a warranty on my 2007 Prius. I was 22 and thought the salesman was helping me. Never used it. Sometimes you learn lessons the hard way. Lol

  40. Drew K says:

    if you're about to buy a car from a dealer and they offer an extended warranty with a 3rd party company… just 360 moonwalk the fawk outta that biatch

  41. Gary K says:

    I almost bought Car Shield, as my car was nearing 80,000 miles and would need a new timing belt as part of regular maintenance. However, when I checked into it, I discovered that they would not cover PREEMPTIVE REPAIRS. So, what if I kept going and the timing belt failed, causing serious engine damage? NOT COVERED, because my failure to not have replaced the timing belt WOULD BE MAINTENANCE NEGLIGENCE. So, they get you both ways. Screw that!

  42. Nigel B. says:

    Scotty's "I had a customer who" t-shirts coming soon.

  43. chriscampana89 says:

    Yup. Extended service plans gives the consultant a lot more money in his check. And you have to maintain a certain sales percentage of extended warranty to maintain status in company ie presidents club.

  44. Victor Daniels says:


  45. closeupman says:

    gotta love this guy…the TRUTH shall set you free

  46. yco67 says:

    2:07 quality car.. Toyota or Honda.. ok..

  47. Eric says:

    Bought the VW extended warranty for $2500 -watched this vid and returned the next day to return it!

  48. Juan D says:

    This is the kind of stuff that should be in a how to adult guide or be teach in school, you just saved me 3k that I didn’t even knew I payed! Thanks so much

  49. JJ Bigga1 says:

    Your the best

  50. Aaron Anderson says:

    Does he actually talk like that, or is he just being ridiculous for the video?

  51. allan hughes says:



  52. MR.Techroid says:

    Maybe back in the day this was true.. but as high tech as cars are nowdays.. i say these warranties are worth it

  53. Rhetorical Answer says:

    Toyota CPO with low miles is about the best deal you can find. You end up with a better powertrain warranty than the initial buyer.

  54. D-man747 says:


    Unless it’s a bumper to bumper warranty

  55. ndog2005 says:

    Carshield comments turned off, can not tell truth..

  56. Noel Aguirre says:

    Rev up your engine in that car you're leasing for 3 years, 10k miles per year for which you bought an extended warranty that starts coverage when the factory warranty expires at 60k miles. Very smart.

  57. W K says:

    Put that same payment into an account, and by the time you need it, you'll have your own auto repair fund.

  58. Mike Rotchburns says:

    its a scam until you need it

  59. Jesus Diaz says:

    Thank you Mr Kilmer

  60. Nicholas Esposito says:

    vehicle warranty is a ponzi scam the policy does not exist they get the money and live off it just like bernie madoff did

  61. MainManJC says:

    Carmax has the best one

  62. Douglas Sandoval-COMEBACK says:

    I bought an extended warranty from this company. DELTA AUTO PROTECT WARRANTY and when it was time for me to take the car for service, they wouldn't pay the auto shop and they were taking forever and the shop would not give me the car until they pay them. so I called DELTA AUTO CARE and one of their REP. told me to pay out of my pocket because it would be much faster and they would reimburse me WITHING 14 DAYS. it has been 5 months and I haven't gotten my money and every time I called, they always tell me the same story. ( YOU WILL GET YOUR CHECK IN 14 days or by the end of next week) I don't know what to do. I email them and they don't respond to my email and lately, when I call, they take a long time to answer my calls. Any pieces of advice on what to do. they owed me $ 857.55

  63. Happy Hands says:

    they are a major scam. and they sell your personal information.

  64. bhirmiz says:

    I have a 2014 chey cruze 2.0 diesel and currently 119k. Its always having costly issues . I want to get a extended warrenty what company should I go with.

  65. A Bcd says:

    Isn't the comprehensive warranty better though?

  66. Thrilla In Manila says:

    I brought one for my Mazda Rx 8 Lls

  67. Brilliant Massage & Skin says:

    Why are you yelling

  68. CRBN HONDA says:

    HHahha he spit so much at 3:00

  69. Clarence Aaron Jones says:

    I started a new policy with one of those companies last month just out of impulse. A week later I came to my senses and called the company to cancel. They asked why and would not take no for an answer. Eventually, they wore me out and I gave up. But the good news is they sent me an email letting me know my monthly payment is overdue. And if I don't make my payment, my policy may be cancelled and I'll be responsible for any repairs. Ok, so that's how it's done. If you can't get them to cancel the policy, don't make your payments and they'll cancel for you. Nice to know. I don't care to try and justify why I signed up for it in the first place. But I chose to cancel for two reasons. 1. Too expensive. I signed up for $79 per month. I figure if I do end up with an expensive repair, I can get a loan with about the same monthly payments anyways. Reason #2. According to the terms of the contract, I do not trust this company will cover me. The contract specifically says routine maintenance must be performed according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Since I do my own routine maintenance and I use a synthetic oil that's good for longer intervals, I think they'd reject my claim.

  70. Robin B. says:

    Just purchased 10th honda civic extended warranty for $1150 (5 years from today + 120K coverage) from the honda dealer. I think this will cover me for awhile.

  71. Brian Keith Null says:

    My 1st mistake was buying a pre-owned Jaguar 2012 Supercharged V8 Portfolio Edition. I actually was smart enough to not purchase the warranty at the dealership when I bought the car. I then looked for a warranty company on line and found an affordable policy I didn't have to pay upfront on They financed out the payment at $48 per month. The 1st problem was a water pump at $1,400 the warranty covered about 1/2 due to many of the items required we're not covered. Hose's, o'rings an additional pipe etc. The shop accepted the warranty and I paid out of pocket for the rest. Then the computer went out. It was $2,000 at Rusnick Jaguar for that alone. While at Rusnick they went through the car bumper to bumper and nit picked the car until they found $12,000 in required repairs including the motor mounts and transmission mount. After keeping my car for 3 1/2 weeks. The warranty company denied ALL claims. I don't blame them for that and agree Rusnick Jaguar of Pasadena tried to defraud them on many items that didn't need replacing. I then to the car to my regular shop and we went through the list that Rusnick submitted and with the exception of the motor and transmission mounts nothing was wrong. I contacted the warranty company in regards to them and was told by a woman that NONE of the items on the list from Rusnick would be covered. Then the fuel pump went out. I it was towed to my regular shop. They refused to accept the car unless I would guarantee payment as the warranty company Delta Auto Protect had never paid the 1/2 of the bill for the water pump. My shop contacted Delta and approved the fuel pump but again at about 1/2 the cost due to again uncovered parts. I called and called and the shop called and called and faxed everyday for payment. I finally talked to a woman at Delta and was again lied to and told they never received the bill I began asking her questions that she had no clue how to answer. She then told me "You Be Rude" and hung up on me. I called the next day and withdrew my auto payment on my credit card. She then asked "Okay, can I have the new card number? " I said no! She then asked me "Well then how are we going to get our monthly payment? I said;
    You not be getting that anymore! I wanted to use a vernacular that she since it was the same woman, could clearly understand!
    Two big lessons Never buy a TaTa in Jag drag!
    And never deal with Delta Auto Protect!!!!!

  72. Albert Head says:

    Fiat: Fix it again, Tony!

  73. Paul Dusablon says:

    you have no idea two bad experiences come on. Stick to fixing cars and spitting when you yell.

  74. Jordan Williams says:

    Everyones first complaint with an extended warranty is that the dealership is making money off of it. YES. Car dealerships in America aren't non profit organizations. Walmart sure rips me off when I buy that $499 Samsung tv. Too much profit. Definitely not a fair point. However, there are extended warranty companies that have bad coverage and customer service. Always read the fine lines and reviews. People also think that just because their 2001 Toyota didn't break down for 150,000 miles means that buying a 2019 Toyota with 5 times the electronics will be the same. Thats great you didn't use that extended warranty last time. Ive never had any massive medical or hospital bills in my 24 years. Does that mean I don't need health insurance?

  75. Jeff C says:

    Scotty, I got a 2016 Honda Civic, 105k miles in three years. Yup. Anyways, my 120k 96 mo warranty was well worth it. When the alternator went out @ 95k that was $900 and dash lights went screwy, $1300. Also, the warranty was for free. Wanna know why? They decided to put 4.8qt of oil in the 1.5L engine which called for 3.7qt with filter! Anyhoo, warranties aren’t all bad. $2000+ in repairs for free.

  76. 2001Ravens says:

    Thank you

  77. burnlastsunday says:

    I am so dumb.

  78. Nerd Lingo says:

    Thank you very much Scott, I'm headed to a dealership tomorrow and after the sales guy showed me what was being factored into the price I was shocked that it cost nearly $4,000 for the warranty and I was already sure that I wasn't buying that, but thanks for the reassurance

  79. Adventure Couple says:

    this is absolutely untrue there is no 50% commision on the policies. clearly doesnt know his facts. this guys facts are so off its not even funny

  80. jeromej720 says:

    I own a 2016 buick verano with 36k miles. I bought the 75,000 mile warranty for 25.00 extra per month at carmax (Maxcare). Is it worth keeping? My car is still in great shape and used as a fleet/business vehicle.

  81. Ivan Rea says:

    Hey scotty , what do I do about a small lot dealer that does not honor 30 day 50%labor, 50% parts contract, i noticed my car started having a delay in shifting from Park to drive and sometimes it's not a pleasant shift

  82. Richard B says:

    Extended warranties are a ripoff. I bought one from JR Auto Protect Major ripoff!!! They don't pay for diagnostics or programing for computer parts. They refused to pay for reprogramming Transmission control module or the time for the mechanic to do it. How's the mechanic supposed to tell whats wrong? Before the dealership called(another mistake going to dealership) the warranty company admin department called to let me know what they were not going to pay for. They had it all planned out how they were going to rip me off. I got most of my money back after reporting them to BBB. Don't buy these ripoff warranties, just take them premium money and put it in a car repair fund for your car.

  83. T Jones says:

    I just bought my car used(2016 Honda Civic touring). Since it's used I bought a warranty for it. a month later my ac condenser went out. if I didn't have the warranty I would've had to pay 1,000 dollars outta pocket instead I paid a hundred for the deductible. I guess I got lucky cuz I've heard the horror stories about warranties.

  84. John Biggs says:

    What about the 2019 Audi Q3 , should I buy an extended warranty?

  85. Smokeless1167 says:

    I bought my car on Sat night with EasyCare and went home. After going on the internet and reading the fine print I got sick to my stomach. On Sunday morning when the dealership opened I had them redo the loan paperwork and eliminate EasyCare from the equation. One of the papers EasyCare has you sign is a contract that you are required to do ALL required maintenance (the dealer said it just meant "change the oil, etc…"). This is where they get you. If you have AAA you do not need any roadside assistance, either. If I did not redo my financing I would have been paying the same amount for a used 2016 car as I would for a 2019 car with a 3 year manufacturer warranty. I was left with a 12 month/12k mile warranty that is about to expire but that is ok. Never, ever buy a car warranty. What they don't cover exceeds what they cover to the point of ridiculousness.

  86. Ryan Mikuchonis says:

    If you buy a Chrysler product, GET THE WARRANTY! Lol I got a 14 avenger, engine blew up at 94000 miles and I got it replaced with the warranty, ended up paying a couple hundred vs a couple thousand

  87. Andy Yang says:

    I have Gap insurance from Total warranty service. I was told if my car gets rek, they would pay me whatever the other insurance doesn't pay that would cover my car payment loan. Guess what? I was lied to after my was reked. They only paid me about 1.5k out of the 4k that I had to pay myself that wasn't covered. If anyone is suing them, let me know! I'll help or join in too! Thanks

  88. 86Kera says:

    Lol oh, I like this guy !

  89. Lady Carizza says:

    I live this guy! I wish he was my uncle for some weird reason. Like the uncle you want to bring to the party! 😂 Thanks Scotty for the quality beer!

  90. Monte_6'8 250Lbs. says:

    Extended warranties companies are crooks!! They had one company in Colorado and the other one was in Missouri! Never again!!

  91. brktoes says:

    Sir I have a 2016 Cadillac ATS which the warranty runs out in 2 months. Cadillac is offering me an extension for a little over $4100/48k miles. Go or no go?

  92. Salteen Gamer says:

    I know a lawyer/self mechanic. I worked with him in college. He tells stories all the time about these car companies. Pure scam.

  93. Chris P. Bacon says:


  94. Offsure says:

    I have a KIA car. Bought it with 39K miles. Now the engine needs repairs at 115K miles. The old warranty expired. To protect the repaired engine is the best warranty going to be from KIA the dealer?

  95. SiglundR says:

    I bought an extended warranty on my vehicle about five years ago when I purchased it from a local dealership in the town where I live. I discovered that, if you're in the same town, they will cover some things that aren't even on the warranty because of local reputation, BUT you still don't get the full value of what you put into it when it's all said and done. Also bought one on a vehicle I purchased in a town 1/2 hour away. No coverage at all, ever… I won't ever buy another one.

  96. Will Mathieson says:

    buying extended warranties is like throwing your $$ onto the floor. If anything goes wrong it will within regular warranty period. When warranties reach $5k that's insane.

  97. Smokeless1167 says:

    Never buy any extended warranty for any car.

  98. Zooman X says:

    Strangely, Warranty Solutions did its job. I got more than my money’s worth

  99. join the conversation says:

    Anybody want to mess with CAR SHIELD? St. Peter's – MO? 1-800-303-5716. They sent me a solicitation vie USPS mail on a vehicle that is like 9 or 10 years old!

  100. powerful eagles777 says:

    Gwc warranty best warranty they never say no

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