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– ‘Sup you beautiful bastards! Hope you’re having a fantastic Wednesday. Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re
gonna talk about today is easily the most important
story from the past 24 hours. I say that both sarcastically, although the nerd part of my brain’s like “no, but for real though.” Reportedly, Spider-Man will be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is now fully in the hands of Sony. And this reportedly
because the two powerhouses that are Disney and Sony
could not strike a deal on their partnership for the franchise. – I don’t feel so good. – Now, as far as how
did all of this happen, it actually goes way back to the 80’s. Way back in the 80’s,
Marvel sold the film rights to their beloved Spider-Man
and that was because back then, superhero movies really weren’t the box office winners
that they are today. And those rights bounced
around for a while until Sony snatched them up in 1999. And this allowed them to
start Tobey Maguire’s trilogy back in 2002 which
arguably changed the game for superhero movies and their popularity. They then made the Andrew
Garfield reboot in 2012. And then in 2015 they
reached a unique agreement with Marvel Studios that would allow them to share the character. And how this worked was that
Sony fully financed the films while Marvel served as more
of a creative producer. And in this deal, Marvel
got the merchandising rights and five percent of first dollar gross which is five percent
of box office revenue on the first day of release, with Sony then getting to cash in on the rest of the film’s profit. But the big thing here is
that was on Spider-Man movies and so Marvel also got the
rights to integrate the character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which is how we got Tom
Holland’s Spider-Man to debut in “Captain
America: Civil War” in 2016, as well as his appearances
in other Avengers movies and his standalone films like “Homecoming” and “Far From Home.” But according to a
Deadline report yesterday, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will now be out of the
Spider-Man pictures. Which was, of course, shocking, almost as shocking as me finding out that I’ve been pronouncing
that guy’s last name wrong the entire time. And that’s reportedly because Disney, which owns Marvel, was
looking to change the terms of their deal with Sony. Apparently, they were looking
to strike up a 50-50 deal. All right, so essentially the report was Disney was like, “we love the deal, “but what if we, and let me
just throw this out there, “on our five, we just added
a zero to the end of it? “Small change, not a big deal.” Right, and for that “small change,” the companies would
equally split the financing and profits for the Spider-Man movies. But Sony refused, likely
because they were like, “We know how much the movies cost “and how much they make,
that’s public information.” Though at the same time,
seemingly disregarding that the MCU and Disney also
kind of revitalized the brand. No offense, the Andrew Garfield versions just didn’t… they weren’t as successful. That’s the nicest way I can put it. Right, and so reportedly the two didn’t reach an agreement, and since Sony is the owner of Spider-Man and was just lending his use to Marvel, Spidey got the boot from the MCU. – We lost the kid. – And following this
news, much of the reaction was “Fuck Sony.” You had people tweeting out
“Boycott Sony, Save Spidey,” Also tweets like “I think it’s cool “that Sony is carrying on its tradition “of completely fucking
up Spider-Man three.” People saying “Tom Holland and Spider-Man deserve better than Sony.” You also had actors in the
actual superhero movies tweeting about this. Jeremy Renner, who of course plays Hawkeye posting to Instagram, “Hey Sony Pictures, we
want Spider-Man back “to Stan Lee and Marvel please, “thank you, congrats, Spider-Man rocks.” Ryan Reynolds also
acknowledging the situation. Someone asked him if we
could get a Deadpool movie with Spider-Man and he said, “You can, but you can
only see it in my heart.” which is a very Ryan Reynolds response. But also, with all of this, we saw Sony release a statement about their split with Marvel and Disney on Twitter saying “Much of today’s news about Spider-Man has “mischaracterized recent discussions “about Kevin Feige’s
involvement in the franchise. “We are disappointed, but
respect Disney’s decision “not to have him continue
as a lead producer “of our next live action Spider-Man film.” “We hope this might change in the future, “but understand that the
many new responsibilities “that Disney has given him- “including all their newly
added Marvel properties- “do not allow time for him to work on IP “they do not own.” “Kevin is terrific and we are grateful “for his help and guidance and appreciate “the path he has helped put us on, “which we will continue.” Now as far as the deal
that Disney pitched Sony, many are not surprised
that it didn’t work. With Jeff Bock, a senior
box office analyst at Exhibitor Relations telling CNBC “Sony’s playing a little
hardball right now, “and they have every right to do so, “considering the deal
Disney offered is a joke. “Maybe if we were discussing the rights “for ‘Howard the Duck,’
50/50 would be in play, “but not for the web-slinger.” Now, as far as what happens next, it’s gonna be interesting to see did this report just come out, or is this part of the negotiation? Is this a ‘to be continued,’
or the end of the road? Because honestly, a lot of this
just looks bad for everyone. I mean, you could argue that Sony needs Spider-Man more than Disney does. “Far From Home” was the
highest grossing movie Sony has ever made and was
the first of the franchise to earn over one billion
dollars at the box office. And so yes, they own the
rights to Spider-Man, we’re seeing reports
that they still intend on making Spider-Man
movies with Tom Holland. Tom Holland is reportedly
signed on for two more, but reportedly they wouldn’t
be able to include any of the MCU elements in them. Which feels almost impossible, because they’ve kind of set up Spider-Man as the second coming of Tony Stark. Which also creates a
weird situation for Disney and Marvel since there has been
such a focus on Spider-Man. Now as far as where this is going to go, I have no idea. I do think that the worst case scenario is if they decide to reboot again, we lose Tom Holland, right,
and maybe you get fed another origin story. Although, I won’t completely
shit on Sony here, they are, of course,
the studio that gave us “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.” That is arguably my
favorite Spider-Man movie and honestly one of my top
ten movies of all time. But this is also bigger than one movie, and it’s gonna be interesting
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the secret link of the day, really anything at all, links as always are in the description down below. Then in celebrities and
politicians are stupid and here’s an example
news, we had the likes of Judd Apatow and Julia Roberts and even, oh this makes me feel good, Rick Perry, of course,
former Texas governor and current US Secretary of Energy, sharing this copy paste note hoax, which was debunked years ago. But it of course has
once again come around to make fools of people
because much like life, stupid always finds a way. But yeah, they shared, in part, this note reading “Do not forget tomorrow starts “the new Instagram rule where
they can use your photos. “Don’t forget, deadline today! “It could be used in court cases “and litigation against you. “Everything you’ve ever
posted becomes public “from today, even messages that have been “deleted or the photos not allowed. “I do not give Instagram or any entities “associated with Instagram permission “to use my pictures,
information, messages or posts, “both past and future. “With this statement, I
give notice to Instagram “that it is strictly forbidden.” That’s… this isn’t how things work. As numerous reports past
and now present again, this whole situation has been debunked. As it’s been noted, there
are parts in this note that don’t even make sense. And that’s not even including that posting a screenshot of a note app isn’t how you opt out of something. But I share this story in part so one, you question where you’re
getting information, and two, it is a prime example, a kind of harmless example, of how fast a lie and a hoax can spread. And just because you
see a blue check mark, whether they be from the
entertainment industry or our government, should always
be a little bit skeptical. Because in this fast-paced
hypersharing world that we’re in right now,
it is very easy for us to be part of any particular problem. And I don’t believe that any of us will ever have a perfect record, but as long as we try to remember this, we try to be hyperdiligent about it, we can try and limit how
much of the problem we are. But yeah, there was that. Then, in a quick update about
the Amazon rainforest fires that we covered yesterday,
if you have not seen that, I highly recommend you
watch yesterday’s show or at least that. I also shared our coverage of the story on my Twitter, where it’s also
kinda blowing up a little. It’s a very important
story but Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil,
he, despite campaigning on opening up the Amazon
for resource extraction, which many people have
blamed as part of the reason we’re seeing heavy
deforestation and these fires, despite, after taking office, rolling back environmental protections, ratcheting up mining and clearing up huge sections of the Amazon rainforest, despite literally firing the head of the Brazilian National
Institute for Space Research because he gave Bolsonaro satellite data that showed deforestation in the Amazon, increased around 245
percent in July of 2019 compared to that of July of 2018. And just since we talked
about this yesterday, that same agency has said that “fires have increased by 84 percent “so far this year compared to last year.” meaning that fires are burning at their highest rate since the agency started tracking them in 2013. And despite so much more, rather than taking some sort of ownership, maybe providing a meaningful solution to the situation at hand
that more and more people by the minute realize is a huge issue, he, without evidence, claimed that NGOs are setting the fires,
suggesting organizations outside of the country are
trying to make him look bad, saying “maybe- I’m not affirming it, “these NGO people are carrying out “some criminal actions to
draw attention against me, “against the government of Brazil.” also blaming politicians, saying, “Look there are governors, and
I don’t want to name names, “who are complicit with what’s going on “and putting the blame on
the federal government. “There are states there,
which I’m not going to list, “in the northern region.” Like, it would be one
thing if he had evidence, but I’ve never (laughs) With Bolsonaro, I don’t think I’ve seen a more transparent human version of our joke shirt, “Why be informed “when you can just use your
feelings as your facts” shirt. But yeah, that’s where I’m
going to leave this update, I just wanted you to be up to date. And then, I know that there’s a lot of Trump-related news out there right now. I mean, yes, we did have Trump yesterday while talking about
Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib say this: – Where has the Democratic party gone? Where have they gone
where they’re defending these two people over the state of Israel? And I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat… uh I think it shows either
a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. – Right, and after that,
we saw a lot of people on social media, as well
as Jewish organizations condemning Trump’s remark, some saying that he’s using the anti-Semitic trope that Jewish-Americans have dual loyalty to Israel and the United States. And also around this specific issue, we had Trump this
morning sharing the words of Wayne Allyn Root and thanking him for the words that said
about President Trump “the Jewish people in Israel love him like he’s the king of Israel, they love him like he’s
the second coming of God, but American Jews don’t
know him or like him.” But that’s not our focus today. There was also of course the news that Trump confirmed reports
that he was looking into purchasing Greenland from Denmark. Denmark’s prime minister
responded by saying it wasn’t on the market. And then Trump responded on Twitter saying that because of
those comments quote “I will be postponing our meeting “scheduled in two weeks for another time. “The Prime Minister was able to save “a great deal of expense and effort “for both the United States and Denmark “by being so direct.” But that part of our current reality is not the focus of today, but rather, we’re gonna be talking
about the most significant in terms of actual policy
and the most significant in actual net impact, which, stems from a new announcement made today. Today, the Trump administration is rolling out a new rule
that would allow them to indefinitely detain migrant families found crossing the border illegally. And this new rule would officially end something called the Flores Agreement, which, as we’ve mentioned before, is the 1997 legal agreement that requires the government to ensure
that migrant children are held in safe and sanitary conditions. That settlement was made as part of a federal class action
lawsuit that claimed that migrant children held
in detention facilities for extended periods of time suffered emotional and physical harm. In 2015, we saw federal judge Dolly Gee rule that under Flores, migrant children can only be held in border facilities for 20 days before they
have to be transferred to a licensed facility
where they must also be provided with sanitary facilities, medical treatment, and given the ability to contact family members. But, because the children had to be moved to licensed facilities and no states licensed family detention centers, the 2015 ruling also mandated that the 20 day rule applied to parents who arrived at the border
with their children. And for about a year now,
the Trump administration has been trying to scrap Flores, saying that limiting
detentions of families has caused the recent
surge of immigration. In a White House press release today, the administration argued
that the agreement is quote “a loophole that results
in most alien families “being released into the
country after 20 days.” and also arguing, “Smugglers have used “this loophole as a selling point “for aliens who want to cross the border “and be released into the interior “of the country, exploiting
migrant children for profit.” Now, under the proposed rule, the administration would be able to hold families until
their immigration cases are decided and they are either granted asylum or deported. And as far as the timing,
according to reports, administration officials say that the cases could be resolved
in two or three months. But they also noted that
because of the massive backlog of immigration cases that
are already in the system, many cases could drag on
for months or even years, meaning that at minimum,
children would be kept in unlicensed detention centers nearly three times longer
than they are currently held. Now as far as what happens here, the administration of course
has now announced the rule, and they are expected
to formally publish it later this week. And once it’s published,
it will go into effect in 60 days, but it also
first has to be approved by Judge Gee, who of
course is the same judge who has been overseeing
the Flores litigation. But the administration
also expects this process to take longer as immigration advocates have already said that they plan to challenge the new rule in court. With advocates arguing
that the Flores Agreement is essential to provide protection for immigrant children, many of whom are seeking asylum from
violence and poverty. And also saying that
the Trump administration has violated the agreement
and harmed migrant children by holding them in facilities with horrible conditions and
separating hundreds of them from their parents, with many noting that over the last year, at least seven migrant children have either died in government custody or right
after they were released. Peter Schey, one of the lead attorneys for the Flores case, told reporters “We don’t disagree with detaining children “when it’s necessary- namely, “if they’re a flight
risk or they’re a danger “to themselves or others, we agree. “It’s the unnecessary detention of a child “that this settlement sought to end. “So these regulations really reflect “a flagrant disregard on the part of “President Trump and his administration “for the safety and the well-being “of children in the care
of the federal government.” But on the other side of this, administration officials
say that this new rule will meet the legal standards
set forth by Flores. This, because the detention facilities will be subject to audits to ensure they comply with licensing standards, also arguing that this rule
is not indefinite detention, because migrant families will eventually have their cases heard,
even if it takes years. And to that point, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan said, “This single ruling “has substantially caused and continued “the fuel the current family unit crisis “and the unprecedented flow
of Central American families “and minors illegally crossing our border. “The new rule closes the legal loophole “that arose from the
reinterpretation of Flores.” But Schey, who we mentioned earlier, also said that he expects Judge Gee to reject the administration’s new rule. But even there, if she
doesn’t approve the rule, the Trump administration is expected to appeal her decision. Right, and so according to legal experts, this could drag on for
months or even years. But ultimately, that is
where we are with this story, and I do wanna pass the
question off to you. What are your thoughts regarding what’s happening with the
kids in these situations? Any and all thoughts
you have I’d love to see in those comments down below. And that’s where I’m
going to end today’s show. And hey, if you liked this video, you like these daily dives into the news, hit us with a like, definitely
make sure you subscribe, click that bell to turn on notifications. Also, if you’re not
100 percent Phill’d in, you wanna watch some more, I
have that brand new podcast with Eddy Burback or,
maybe you just missed yesterday’s show, you wanna catch up, you can click or tap right there to watch either of those. But, with that said, of course as always, my name’s Philip DeFranco,
you’ve just been Phill’d in, I love yo’ faces, and
I’ll see you tomorrow.


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  63. goran stojanovic says:

    What about Stan Lee s daughter comments on it?

  64. Kurt E. Clothier says:

    Disney is to blame. Sony is a collection of bumbling idiots that can't see the forest for the trees and will undoubtedly destroy this franchise, but Disney/Marvel is the one trying renegotiate when they still have movies on their contract. They are a greedy power house that wants to throw their weight around as much as possible. As much as I want to see X-Men and F4 in the MCU, Disney should not have been allowed to buy Fox 21 – they are too big of a company with too much control over media.

  65. Jordan Watkins says:

    What a cliff hanger of a title for this video 😂

  66. mexicansuperman says:

    People really putting all the blame on Sony and turn a blind eye to Disney. "Hey man, i know that you own Spidey and you're cool enough to split 50/50 and finance the movies, but we're gonna take more money or its a no go. We see you making a lot of money and we want more. Sorry not sorry." – Disney

  67. WolfvineGaming says:

    Amazon is also in its dry season lately

  68. Jordan Taylor Scaife says:

    Spiderman 3: Further From Home

  69. Mary Blum says:

    “Stupid finds a way” should be a shirt or a sticker because damn thats the truth

  70. Rose says:

    I think coming over ILLEGALLY if you are not a refugee is a risk one chooses to take. I am not in favor of illegal immigration. That being said it’s awful that children are stuck in the middle. I don’t agree with separating children from their parents. It seems to make matters worse and causes confusion. Of course once it goes to legal then it’s going to take forever. Our courts are slow.

  71. ninjxxitty says:

    am i the only one bothered by everyone using twitter to officially announce anything ever?

  72. ninjxxitty says:

    under what circumstances are illegal immigrants accepted into the country? shouldnt they all just be rejected and sent away? i dont understand why theres a detention center in the first place.

  73. Dotherandom says:

    These children are innocent in my eyes. Locking them up is cruel and disgusting.

  74. joey berke says:

    Sad to see that the two companies are having a measuring contest. Both companies make more than enough money. They could make stuff for the fans, especially since both companies make so much money from things not superhero films. I don't blame Sony for standing up for themselves and Disney trying to get more money, but part of me does want to see all the Marvel characters reunited under one Marvel umbrella

  75. I'm Iron Man says:

    Looks like I lost the fucking kid again

  76. Karl Heinrich Marx says:

    Asylum from poverty? In US? Where do I sign up? I also want free opportunities!

  77. Archie García says:

    The thumbnail looks like young Phillip, actual Phillip and old Phillip

  78. William Nelson says:

    Seriously … trumps trying to BUY GREENLAND. WTF

  79. Talent Acquisition says:

    DeFranco making movie recommendations like we forgot about Skyline!

  80. Rase Random says:

    Can’t wait to see Tom Holland become emo and dance around the streets of New York lol Rip

  81. Bob Smith says:

    Hmmm, I subbed, and yet, you still get put at the top of autoplay ques defranco. I smell a sell out hack.

  82. Kirsty Logan says:

    Hey Phil, to encourage people to question the information the media to produce, you could introduce a "lie of the day" where you say a lie in each show and don't tell us where! My dad used to do it to me all the time to make sure I don't trust everything I hear haha

  83. Kenzer 161 says:

    F*ck Disney, I wouldn't call myself a Sony fanboy, but you hand me a trash offer and I will reject it. Where was Disney when Marvel had to sell, where were they in the 90s? Sony made spiderman a household name in the 2000s with Toby Maguire and now Disney thinks their stacks of money are going to help them. Go Sony, I will be interested to see how you handle this, but for the love of God, keep Tom Holland, he's pretty good.

  84. Kiddo's a Faker says:

    Lets also not forget that Disney denied a father to have a Spider-man tombstone for his child that passed away because they didn't want there character to be associated with death…

  85. beayn says:

    If I illegally immigrated to China with my child under harsh conditions and the Chinese government separated us, or my child died in their custody because of dehydration or malnourished, absolutely everyone would blame me… why did I bring my child into such a dangerous situation.
    But when it's America + Trump, it's 10000% Trump & the government are all Nazis.

  86. Buttered Lumps says:

    I'm no fan of SpiderMan but i'm wondering why people want SpiderMan to be part of Disney to the point of being angry…. They are aware of Disney's reputation when it comes to fucking up franchises like SarWars right?

  87. Brandon Gonzales says:

    Spider man and venom! Coming next

  88. Jack Chase says:

    Watch them reboot it a third time. Spiderman is gonna become the Valve of super hero movies.

  89. justthere1000 says:

    Is he a boy Phil?? Seems a bit of an odd phrasing.

  90. Muhammad Nurbasit says:

    how to talk fast like Philip?

  91. iLLWiLL says:

    Feels like Trump-like leaders are taking over countries all over the world.

  92. Martin Angelo Photo says:

    Lol at people posting that IG hoax, even Billie Armstrong did it. 😛

  93. Snoopy101a says:

    Unpopular opinion: I actually LOVED the Andrew Garfield version.

  94. Dee Alshaif says:

    I can’t stand trump.

  95. KpopNoodle says:

    Insanity. We will most definitely suffer from this fire within our lifetime.

  96. WelcomeTo Life says:

    You still alive

  97. Carolina Torrico says:

    Philip I have been seeing you for 2 years now, I'm from Bolivia , and I would really like you to talk about some problems in Bolivia please; as the president just took action in the Amazon fire 16 days later, how he refused to accept international help, and how he says it is a punishment because the area that burns does not support him for his re-election being this re-election against the constitution also mentioned that they should not be angry with him because the forest will grow again (showing his ignorance) since he authorized burning and controlled clearing one month before the fire, and as Bolsonaro also says that it is to make him look bad; and on another issue also related to the "SUS" a medical system being a country without funds and how they carrie hospital supplements only to campaign for their re-election and then withdraws them once they finish their campaign in that center. Please, here in Bolivia we are even afraid of what may happen and at least I would like the world to know what is happening since there is much talk about Bolsonario and it is fine because he should be sanctioned but of Evo (President of Bolivia) I see almost nothing and I'm afraid of being silenced, P.D: sorry for my english

  98. Martin valles says:

    Holy crap brazils president is an idiot😂

  99. Hassan AKA Sunny says:

    How are we still aloud to use the word “aliens” to refer to human beings? It’s so dehumanising and immediately makes it sound like these people are of a different species. It’s terrible and should be banned. (P.S. not referring to Philip’s use of the word in the video because he was just reading it out)

  100. Chad Michael says:

    College humour did a video on the privacy Facebook notes like 7 years ago.

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