Wichita Falls Law Enforcement Honor Fallen Deputy Darren Goforth

June 12, 2019 posted by

me ah you're this afternoon at first baptist church in their main parking lot where a ceremony was just held to honor fallen Harris County deputy Darren Goforth who was gunned down in cold blood last week as he was gassing up his patrol car deputy Goforth was on his way home when he was shot dead and today the Wichita Falls Police Department the DPS Wichita County Sheriff's Office and a number of other agencies and citizens have gotten together to honor the deputy as funeral is today I'm standing here right now with chief Manuel borrego the chief of Wichita Falls Police Department Chief thanks for taking a moment to be with us what steps I know a lot of police departments around the state have started putting two officers in each patrol car taking safety measures to try to prevent another tragedy from happening what steps is Wichita Falls Police Department taking well certainly the training that officers get is one that's you know top notch in the city in the country and in the States for sure but we just make sure they're there vigilant that they're that they do have a backup and we just watch what kind of calls were going on our officers are very wary of what's going on out here I mean it's it's dangerous job and one that we know so so we take the precautions that we need if you could offer any kind of advice at all to citizens of Wichita Falls what they could do to help you guys be more vigilant or what they could do to help the officers in the city what would you ask of the citizens in Wichita Falls I would just ask that they continue to support us and if they do have an interaction with the police officer just do details you or she tells you certainly we'll all get through it and move on to the rest of our lives and if if there is an issue with an officer and a citizen we certainly ask that you go ahead and call us and let us know about it we'll look into it but we ask that you just obey what's what's going on out there with with the officers your department has lost a few officers over the years it's been a while since I think Tommy Collins may have been the last officer to fall in the line of duty right and I was with this department with that occurred and i'll tell you it affects not just a police department it affects the whole community and it's tough so I know what they're going through down in harris county with the law said officer and certainly the family i mean we have we have an annual memorial service and those families of our fallen show up for it so we want to make sure they're not forgotten and certainly when we have an event like this and all the citizens come out and they support us it's not anything that I don't tell my officers all the time that the citizens do support you they're out there for you and they do support you in the long run they may not be vocal but they're out there and they do support you so this was a great event was cheaper I go thank you very much we appreciate all that you do for the community thank you Mike hendren for townsquare media


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  1. Kevin Davis says:

    Still won't bring him back. Fuck the police

  2. Andy Medina says:

    Why whhhyyyy wwwhhhyyyyy ohhh noooooooo lol go get fucked cops kill more innocent people then anyone on the planet die like a man

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