Window Film for Hurricane Protection

June 13, 2019 posted by

here's a question for you will your glass hold up in a hurricane still a half we're going to put some film to the test over in Studio B 34 minutes after the hour so since hurricane season got started here at Fox 26 so we've been helping you kind of get yourself ready and you're probably thinking of ways to keep your home safe as well it's so important to think about those things in advance that includes your windows and hopes of keeping them from breaking in high winds here this morning to talk more about it Sabich Quraishi the president of solar x window film systems welcome to you thank you I got my little goggles for a reason and we'll get to that in a moment but first what what is this and why is it so important to think about protecting your home and your windows so this is a 3m ultra safety security film what it's designed to do is in the event of a hurricane you've got flying debris comes hit your glass your glass is going to shatter but this film is designed to help hold that broken glass in place you want to protect your family your furniture you know the inside of your home you want to keep it safe so it avoids having to board up your windows because this is gonna help hold all that broken glass in the frame so can I ask you you said it's a film does that mean we take our existing windows and we put this on there or we have to get all new windows no actually it goes on your existing windows we professionally install it so we're a furnish and install company you'd give us a call we come out we'd measure your glass give you a free estimate and we install it on your existing windows a lot of times when windows do break during a storm because there is so much debris everywhere do you see a lot of flood damage inside just because of broken windows yeah one one when the window breaks that wind comes in when wind comes in the home it's got to have somewhere to go it usually goes up and that's where you see a lot of times roofs flying off what we want to do is try to keep that envelope sealed glass is going to be the most vulnerable part of your home so we want to keep that intact as best as possible and is there something that you take off the window or you leave it on there yes there is there to stay once it's there it's there to stay seven days a week hey Melissa I hope that you're not upset with anyone I'm gonna scoot out right there alright here we go whoa gotta hit it Wow I'm thinking it's not gonna break alright dry hands hurt you're gonna try me that wait my hands are numb now look I'm gonna hold but here I would like to say that the Astros are calling they want you to come out and try out for the team safety first okay great yeah oh she did that for you she broke it up she got it nice and ready world okay so now this though convinces us of what cuz it did shatter but it didn't break is that right right so we're not strengthening your glass I'm hoping hold it in place so if a hurricane's say something came in here your went on that shatters it's looking like this but that wind stay now the rain staying out so for people who want to find out more about maybe looking into this who do they reach out to you where do they go if you just go to our website it's solar XCOM and we can always set up a time to come to your home and give you guys a free quote okay and maybe you were like Melissa and you just had some Monday morning aggression you go and now for our baseball skills that we're going to work on your commercial break well we have a lot more coming your way

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