Woman attacked by coyote in Reading while protecting friend’s dog

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front of the dog, punched coyote
and ran off with the dog. Jessica
Jones was trying to protect roxy
here? and she landed that punch
as a coyote lunged at the mini
doodle in the backyard of her friend’s home on Avalon drive. 20:22 it’s a really cute dog. A great
dog. 19:05 we’ve had coyotes
around.. never come so close to a
dog or a human. Neighbors have
snapped photos of coyotes in the
neighborhood? but until now,
haven’t been aggressive. 114
11:45 I thought I’d grab a stick
keep any coyote at bay Now some
neighbors are taking new precautions? 114 13:12 so while
busy chomping, I can be busy
?as jessica’s treated for
possible exposure to rabies. 19:27 I
had to have 6 rabies shots. They
have to do it in the wounds, it
harsh Jessica’s visiting from
UK? and she says fight was well worth the pain? to save roxy
from the
jaws of a desperate predator. 20:04 I told my family that
jess was pretty cool. We could
have never imagined how grateful
we would end up being.

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  1. Junior Junior says:

    Better get a rabies shot….or 6, geesh.

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