Woman Gives Birth Alone in Jail Cell

August 30, 2019 posted by

it’s truly shocking video of an inmate giving birth all alone in a jail cell outside the cell correctional officers at the jail in Denver were allegedly watching on surveillance video and did nothing to come to her aid the inmate 27 year old Diana Sanchez was eight months pregnant when she was arrested for identity theft two weeks after her arrest at 5:00 a.m. she went into labor and every moment was caught on surveillance camera Inside Edition spoke to her lawyer Mary Newman she told the guards and the nurses that she had been having constant contractions that her water had broken and that she was passing blood now these are signs that would let any layperson know it’s time to go to the hospital for the next six hours Diana Sanchez was in the throes of labor she claims she screamed in heat at 10:44 a.m. she knew it was time you can see her struggling to remove her sweat pants she is obviously in excruciating pain calling out for anyone to help her and at some point it becomes clear there’s simply no one who’s going to come and then it happens she gives birth on the thin plastic mattress a far cry from a sterile delivery room it’s a boy only then does a male nurse enter the cell accompanied by a female corrections officer Sanchez is now out of jail pending trial her baby was born a year ago but the surveillance tape has just been released by her lawyer this is something that should never happen to any other person no human being deserves to be treated like Diana and her infant child were Diana Sanchez’s lawsuit says she wasn’t brought to a hospital until a full 30 minutes after she had given birth meantime the jail denies any wrongdoing saying they took the appropriate actions and followed all relevant procedures [Music] you [Music]


100 Replies to “Woman Gives Birth Alone in Jail Cell”

  1. adi var says:

    This scene could have been in " ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK"

  2. adi var says:

    This scene could have been in " ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK"

  3. Fahiima Xaaji says:

    Woow that is crazy

  4. Natty Games says:

    This is an law suit in the making

  5. Mrs Barron says:

    I hope she wins the lawsuit and turns her life around.

  6. Oh Yeh Yeh says:

    As a man this brought me to tears, unbelievable

  7. Jon says:

    Haha WAY worse and more corrupt things happen inside them fences lemme tell ya, but this is deffinetly unacceptable

  8. Ok Peace says:

    That is awful

  9. At R says:

    Poor girl ! Those idiots need to be fired

  10. allwyn J says:

    its truely shocking… but the tv news anchor too shocked me

  11. Ok Peace says:

    Her and the baby both could of died

  12. tom man says:

    This is very cruel to a woman. She shouldn't be in a jail in her condition

  13. hosh the mosh says:

    That's what criminals get

  14. Tiffany P. says:

    😲lawsuit please !!!!

  15. Manu Lealao says:

    Completely unacceptable the entire staff should be FIRED!

  16. Tanyi Franç says:

    "They took all appropriate situations" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what happened to humanity?

  17. Vault Boy says:

    Ain't that just a sticky situation.

  18. D A N I E L says:

    This is ridiculous

  19. Skeet says:

    She should sue them

  20. Morgan Evans says:

    Poor mama! This infuriates me to tears! Being all alone and in pain. I had my angel 2 months ago, almost died from hemorrhaging to death and my baby girl didn’t breathe 8 minutes after being born. If that was her situation no doubt she and her baby wouldn’t have made it! God bless it was a safe delivery and labor💜

  21. Doejay says:

    She’s being treated like an animal. She gave birth on a pee pad that dogs use when potty training.

  22. Aly G says:

    good thing she filled a law suit cause that jail DID NOT DO ANYTHING RIGHT!!

  23. Michael Seo says:

    Those guards should be placed in the cell now.

  24. Victoria Denboer says:


  25. Reinba And Solaris says:

    There is something wrong with society these days

  26. T Walker says:

    But "it" is just a clump of cells and it's her body in liberal Colorado.

  27. Wayne Noonan says:

    Most shocking video they need to be ashamed of themselves poor woman

  28. Raiden Photography says:

    Lawsuit the hell out that jail

  29. Helen Burnley says:

    Cops always deny any wrong doings! Pathetic!

  30. sitdown grownfolks talking says:

    I have two healthy teens and a beautiful 22 yr daughter all three born on time in a hospital. I could not imagine what this woman went thru without dr and nurse care midwife or something…just terrible😢

  31. Carol Lothian says:

    So so wrong

  32. Hasty David says:

    Only in America

  33. joseph hansen says:

    Well now she will be a millionare !!!!!! Sue them basterds

  34. czpanama says:

    I bet you 1000 bucks she didn't call out to anyone. Because she knew she hit the mother load of lawsuit money by putting on a show for the camera.

  35. testunot says:

    imagine the kid died lol

  36. TerryPierre1 says:

    What is wrong with people today? How could anyone not know or care that the poor lady was in distress?!!

  37. Claudio Dio says:

    Only in America

  38. Flaca Diabla says:

    She would have had a hospital had she not been a thief

  39. Kami No Yami says:

    Child: mom where was i borned?
    Criminal(mom): in jail

  40. evi evi says:

    What finally happened??

  41. Random dude says:

    Lisa should of confronted the newborn.

    Sorry if its cringe

  42. Teemo4Life says:

    nurse and officer come in after the pregnancy

    Police: We followed all necessary procedures and protocols

  43. Carlton Firoved says:

    The governor Mayer Warden of the prison and everyone on shift watching this happen should be prosecuted and executed. Why is President Trump not walking through this prison with a team of investigators?

  44. david forte says:

    I'd strap the nurse to a chair and jam a bunch of 6 inch salt water fish hooks up his ass and pull his colon out…then watch as he desperately tried to push his butthole back in

  45. david forte says:

    If she stole my grandma's identity and stole her retirement I wouldn't help her either

  46. Apy Pagadala says:

    Child = Mom where was I born ??
    Mom= in the jail

  47. brookyn fun plays says:

    Why thet dennt help there mean

  48. Yo Yo says:

    Try explaining to ur baby you were born in a cell

  49. Khosmo says:

    Not an opinion: No one can remove any other person's human rights, even if their criminals. In this situation, those guards just became the same monsters they were trying to guard.

  50. Christine Naysh Suarez says:

    She might have done something wrong but this is too inhumane. My heart breaks while watching the video. Atleast, help the lady give birth, it's the least you can do in memory of your mother who also gave her life to you. Damnit 😭💔

  51. Eleven X says:

    maybe next time she'll think before being a criminal while pregnant. bet the dad's in prison 😂

  52. Tasnim Trisha says:


  53. Succubus says:

    Like a cat

  54. Lhadon Chimdokang says:


  55. Tyler Yoongi says:

    wow. she may be an inmate but the baby did not deserve to be born there.

  56. TheMainMusician says:

    Some sick bastard probably enjoyed watching her suffer. That's why it's "protocol."

  57. Rahul Singh says:

    This could be a classic origin story of a Superhero.

  58. söder bröder says:

    Arrest the staff immediately!!

  59. Karina K says:


  60. Moriah Hill says:

    This just made me cry, who does this to someone

  61. Raphael Raphael says:

    This is so sad even when she has commiyed a crime she clearly doesn't deserve this 😡😡😡

  62. Alhassan Sheriff says:

    just imagine you being a baby born in a prison cell, damn…

  63. Nicholas R says:

    How about you just don’t do anything illegal.

  64. Abrian Young says:

    Wtf how lowdown is these

  65. Raymundo Velez says:


  66. Tjhai April says:

    Damn..even if they don't care about the mom, they should be care about the baby. Can't they imagine if something like this happen with their family?

  67. a ffaninja says:

    Ahh yes enslave baby
    Not stonks
    And enslave mother
    Super not stonks

  68. HotSause Gaming says:

    That is sick and they should be arrested for that

  69. Christian Man says:

    Is she married or just some fornication whore? Should feel bad for the ppl that she stole from. Repent and follow Jesus Christ

  70. Shem Believer says:

    Apart from the total inhumanity of these officers and so called 'nurses' (they don't deserve the5 title), this just shows the capacity of the human body and motherly instinct to do what is needed..Well done mum! I hope she is reformed for the sake of this precious baby who is certainly strong willed 😀👍

  71. Slushdog 101 says:

    It’s not like she was an actual dangerous threat, like why didn’t they send her to the hospital and just handcuff her to a hospital bed or had police officers present.

  72. Helljumper says:

    Well this is straight up racism. If it was a white woman, they would hustle her to the hospital. As a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ, this is appalling. If you don't think so, you will burn in hell.

  73. Marinegirl Powers says:

    My god disgusting

  74. Kimberly Roberts says:

    this is so shocking. everybody working at that jail needs to be fired smh.

  75. Kawaii Potato says:

    If she was convicted of murder…then maybe BUT IT WAS IDENTIFY THEFT! WTF!?

  76. Dripy G says:

    Teachers on the first day of school: Okay so everyone tell us where you were born and about yourself

    Kid: I was born in a jailcell

  77. jj S says:

    At least when the kid get older he can say he's just like Tupac he was born in the jail cell

  78. Deeontre Batchelor says:

    Wtf this was a year ago she said and the dumb ass lawyer is NOW sending this out like wtf you should of been did this

  79. kimmysaeedi91 says:

    This is completely unacceptable!!! I would love to see every staff member replaced for complete negligence.

  80. hananTV says:

    sounds white 🤷🏻‍♂️

  81. ッNE0NXcalius says:

    Matured ppl:Ahh good thing they blurred it

    9 year old faggotnite players: WHY DID YOU BLUR IT BRO OMG WHYYYY

  82. Mikey D says:

    Jesus Christ

  83. Lazy Loves says:

    has anybody ever noticed that lisa hasn’t even been in videos?😭

  84. Mr. G says:

    The U.S. has gone downhill so fast.

  85. Fwreede •_• says:

    Identify theft is not a joke Jim

  86. GrassHopper 420 says:

    Well maybe if she would make better choices than she wouldn’t have had to give birth in that jail cell.🤷🏽‍♂️

  87. Pinoy Unlimited says:

    So sad.They should fire all of the staffs!

  88. Michael Porter says:

    Or just make sure you dont end up in jail when you're pregnant💁‍♀️💁‍♂️

  89. Elizabeth_Snow 69 says:

    That's disgusting

  90. Shawna B says:

    The prison did all the wrong doing… that woman was in pain and they did nothing to help her! Shame on them…

  91. Syah 37 says:

    So poor

  92. Badbob1333 says:

    Wtf who would do that they should of done SOMETHING to help a baby was coming!

  93. pdciptawarna says:

    The prison did the right thing they leave women who’s about to give birth in pain and alone

  94. Jovan Thompson says:

    Stay out of jail.

  95. Femme Fatale says:

    my god.. this is the worst country. america is a disgusting place. immoral and inhumane. if its end of the world. i hope it targets that country. so gross.

  96. Noor •• says:

    OMG.. stray cats giving birth get more attention than that.. shame on all of you

  97. Maria Perez-Cuatzilo says:

    What if her baby was breached like what happened to me when i had my 2 boys they could of killed her and the baby

  98. anonymous hero says:

    Im surprised they didnt ask her "whose meds did you take?" Lol

  99. Mercy Football says:

    9 yrs later
    Mums child: mum where was I born?
    Mum: you were born in prison
    Mums child: JESUS!

  100. Charlie Samuel says:

    As a father I am torn and furious. No mother and child should ever go thru this. My heart aches 🤦😔

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