Women in Tech: Bailey blazes trails for identity and cybersecurity

November 7, 2019 posted by

– Having an identity
is a basic human right. That’s who you are and
that’s how that defines you. I work in the identity
division at Microsoft and what’s really
fascinating about identity is that all of us have it and
we interact with it online all the time. My grandma was actually one of the first female electrical engineers
in the United States. So I thought that working
in tech was something that a bunch of grandmas did. Growing up, I was always encouraged to pursue activities in STEM. I was a camp counselor at Camp Invention, I was on a FIRST robotics team, and then in college, I also
did a few Major League Hacking events that were helpful
with kind of exercising that bravery muscle and
exercising that muscle of failing fast and learning often. We’re at the Hackathon to
build a decentralized app or a DApp. In college I first started
thinking about cybersecurity because I had a really
weak password and my phone actually got hacked and
was held for ransom. So it really motivated me
to join the Identity team at Microsoft and to be a part
of decentralized identity. That is a good idea, we
could totally do that. The Own Your Identity project
focuses on putting data back in your hands. So for the first time, we’re
kind of flipping that model to allow for users to store
their own data and be able to grant access to other apps
and services to that data which is really huge. We’re digital citizens nowadays, so it’s really important that
cybersecurity is something that we all understand and that we’re all
really passionate about.

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