World Building 2.0 – Politics Pt 2 – Crime, Military, Law Enforcement and War

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7 Replies to “World Building 2.0 – Politics Pt 2 – Crime, Military, Law Enforcement and War”

  1. MacduffProd says:

    "colonialist buttmunch" is definitely entering my vocabulary now xD
    thank you for this super informative video, you make lots of excellent points. your worldbuilding 2.0 series is fantastic for exploring the wide range of worldbuilding questions that often still need to be answered. keep up the great work <3

  2. Evan Black says:

    @0:02–1:00 Willow surveying her domain before retreating to her cave 😜
    Authortube is life

  3. Steven Partridge says:

    Excellent points! I think people often default to tropes or references to our own world. By thinking about these things, I think it opens up some fascinating options!

  4. Christopher Drost says:

    This is a great video. One of my projects is a military science fiction so I already know a great deal about the military, law enforcement and wars. It's also one of my main interests in general so I love to read and research about it. This is a great basic video to start out world building this part.

  5. Kelsey Larsen says:

    Some great points here, especially when it comes to the logistics of a standing army. Or any kind of permanent military force. It's something that some writers forget to consider that could add another level of realism to their writing, or give them some interesting background or plot elements to play with.

  6. Dillon Olander says:

    A good example of an epic fantasy series without war is the 6-book EarthSea cycle by Ursula K Le Guin.

    The first 3 books are more character journeys with supernatural obstacles, and the last 3 dig deep into social commentary, with spiritual themes strongly felt throughout. It’s amazing we actually had a 6-book epic fantasy series without war. That really challenges my own writing ideas in a positive war, since it allows you to get more creative and original.

  7. Casey Gibson says:

    Seriously. Just out here. Providing this knowledge. For free. Seriously, I will pay you for forcing me to consider all of this information. Please.

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