World’s Toughest Dogs? $40,000 Protection Canines

September 10, 2019 posted by

LEEDOR: There’s no convincing these dogs, you can’t negotiate with them. Getting through
an alarm is fine, but you’re not getting round the dog. 00:12
COMM: This might just be Britain’s toughest dog. Drago, a 92lb Doberman has been trained
to take down burglars. 00:22
COMM: We jump over the wall, try and break into the house with balaclava’s. They’ll let
the dog out and the dog will attack us. 00:29
ROBERT: We will train the dog for real life situations. No-one attacks with dog training
equipment such as sleeves or whips. Someone’s gonna attack you with a metal bar or point
a gun at you and these dogs have to be ready for anything. 00:44
COMM: Trained by friends Leedor Borlant and Robert Dye, the protection dogs sell to the
rich and famous for over £20,000. 00:52
LEEDOR: The prices vary, it really depends on the dogs. They can sell anywhere from £10,000,
way upwards of that. Some people are really high priority and really fear for their life.
I’ve also, we’ve sold to quite a few foreign dignitaries, premiership footballers and to
just sort of affluent people. 01:10
COMM: Robert and Leedor search far and wide for the right dogs to train. 01:15
LEEDOR: For sourcing our dogs, it’s a very difficult thing to do because, I mean I go
to Serbia a lot, we go to Czech Republic, we go to Moscow, we go to America. We may
see a hundred dogs but we only come back with one. We really test for the temperament of
the dog. We don’t actually look for vicious dogs, or aggressive dogs whatsoever. We’re
just looking for strong stable dogs. 01:34
COMM: But despite their ferocity in the face of attack Leedor and Robert insist the dogs
they train are also safe family pets. 01:42
LEEDOR: These dogs we trust with out own. Family members, friend’s kids. We could never
sell a dog like this if it had any sort of aggression towards kids. One bite of this
dog for a kid, and we’re over. People have said they’ve got no off switch, it’s complete
nonsense I mean the dog, he’d kill Rob for me now, but at the same time it’ll sit and
lick him, he’s got no personal attachment. 02:02
ROBERT: He’s completely stable. LEEDOR: Completely stable dog. END


100 Replies to “World’s Toughest Dogs? $40,000 Protection Canines”

  1. Ricecake Ryan Ricecake says:

    I don’t understand how they learn

  2. NCS//Official says:

    Bruh…My Pet Goldfish would have done some major damage

  3. Sounds Pretty Moist says:

    What a beast

  4. Patrick says:

    Oh my god…image that bite! Oh my! That dog is touching and heart loved by there owners and they love them back for doing this! Tough though don’t want to get bitten by one of them….

  5. Rukia says:

    No ill just use a gun

  6. Dooomey S says:

    and then one day it messes up and doesn’t realize that toddler wasn’t trying to hurt him and gets put down for killing a child

  7. Thomas Nelson says:

    My black Labrador is afraid of hats

  8. Jack Holland says:

    My dog is scared of water bottles

  9. i am the tired says:

    Jeffrey! Bring me my caviar and my beautiful Margaret which cost me a little such as $40k!

  10. Ender D 1022 Playz says:

    That’s what I call control and a good dog

  11. aRmy Gaming says:


  12. Darkwarrior Dogs says:

    Look up pit bull the hulk

  13. Omnigod PDX says:

    What breed is that red one with the docked tail??

  14. Jovana Vukosavljevic says:

    Is anyone here Serbian ??

  15. 404UserNotFound says:

    Oh the UK, where protection is reserved for the financially elite. Ill just stick to the U.S. With a handgun for 500 USD

  16. MrLeany says:

    My 16 stone rocky will eat that rat

  17. acs alexandru andrei says:

    Kids like" we goin this way bud"
    Dog: that's cute

  18. lolEpicgamers says:

    I’ll take two give you 90k for two Irish wolf hounds theyre giant

  19. TG-k6 YT says:

    He is slav boy

  20. janeth espinoza says:

    now this is what i call dicks

  21. Serenity Rivera says:

    My dogs a Siberian I doubt he would attack if someone would break in

  22. F0nkyNinja says:

    UK is such a backwards country, start using KG.

  23. Lakin Bacon says:

    So basically, they’re charging over 40,000 to be safe? A bit ridiculous, don’t you think?

  24. Soon to be executed says:

    Get to big pitbulls

  25. amaiya escobar says:

    Ama buy one when am older lol

  26. Betrix says:

    And then theres my dog, sitting in the back of the living room licking his balls.

  27. Betrix says:

    And then theres my dog, sitting in the back of the living room licking his balls.

  28. Ewk Lewk says:

    why can i relate to a burguler cuz my dogs hate me

  29. J M says:

    Pff hulk is the best hulk is a boy dog

  30. Aniket Gaming says:


  31. Preston SN says:

    Imagine him vs hulk

  32. Lukaspideras says:

    Serbia , Czech Republic , Russia . America ?

  33. Project Zorgo PZ 100 says:


  34. Sneakerhead_107 says:

    The security system you can get for 40k tho

  35. Sir Greedy says:

    if ur in the usa u just spend a few hundred on a gun…lol 40k to feel safe..u gotta be kidding.

  36. Thatgamer says:

    I need this for meh dog

  37. Amazing Vines says:

    The dog is walking the kid😂😂😢😢

  38. Avery Falcon says:

    The stongest. Dogs. I ever seen

  39. Claussanta 86 says:

    yeah the 50 lbs Kid with a 100 Lbs Dog awsome Idea !

  40. overwatch ninja says:

    I was like aawww so cute then I'm like don't wanna fight them

  41. BlackMAMBATV says:

    man when i pretend to broke and steal all the stuff our dog jumped in me and like my ear when im down and the other dog who is always angry he bit my ear my arm and legs its painfull thats my dog i trained them alot since 2015 im 6 yrs old and he is play full we have 4 dog its the 2 body gaurd in our front door and the other one is in his house

  42. Leo&marius says:

    Why to pay so much money, when you can do it for free by yourself?

  43. Denise Holmes says:

    dude it's me mason

  44. all about says:

    these dogs fucks the strangers

  45. Kristian Brandt says:

    The thing which worries me slightly about this sort of thing is that the people who buy these dogs would rather see a burglar mauled to pieces, than they'd see him make away with insured goods. I can sort of see the appeal with companies that need to protect trade secrets and dignitaries living under threat of personal attack, but my insured TV is not worth someone's arm.

  46. zhang joey says:

    a t-rex is way better

  47. EllaThe_ShihTzu K9 says:

    I wouldn’t wanna walk into these dogs but I know how to get them friendly 😂

  48. EllaThe_ShihTzu K9 says:

    1:53…..he tried to walk the dog and make the video neat

  49. The Swirl Bunnies says:

    When your friend comes and you fortnite!

  50. Erick 11 says:

    I have a dog and it is a pitbull

  51. Luz Osorio says:

    My chihuahua is better

  52. QGeo says:

    with kid with age 10-12 are the dog angry

  53. Lil Brokeboi says:


  54. phatboi1988ful says:

    Who’s to say the burglar hasn’t come with cheese cake pizza n bones for Dog

  55. june loh says:

    Lol boris twin XD

  56. Dark Knight says:

    I have 2 wimpy dogs bc my wiener dog will bark and pretty much run away and my husky will howl and pretty much run away so I wish I had tough dogs

  57. Pro Slayer says:

    I want one :3

  58. _lost_ demon_ says:

    nope. I'm good lol

  59. dont care says:

    $20,000 I could buy an extremely advanced security system. Security doors windows locks and maybe a panic room

  60. DR H says:

    Yeah but what happens when your friends come over for dinner???

  61. dutchy men says:

    I don't want that dog onto my arm…

  62. infamous_stray says:

    anomaly xD

  63. Realy MSP says:

    What if a friend comes maybe the dog bite him..

  64. Jessabell Barboza says:

    I will try to train my dogs

  65. Choricho Tv says:

    There's dogs that cost 400,000 because he can climb walls jump 2 car windows in one junp.

  66. unnew says:

    Once my uncle almost got attacked by a pit bull and he grabbed the dog by the throat and didn’t crush its throat but damn near I never messed with that man again

  67. Hannah Boucher says:

    Not unless someone shoots the dog. The end.

  68. Šüprëmē: Äšmrtíšt says:

    Thats not the toughest dog hulk is

  69. Saul says:

    Hell ya I have a Doberman

  70. olivia says:

    dobbys arent actually that mean UNLESS you train them to be

  71. Cesar Ytem says:

    What kind of dog breed is that on 0 : 48 it looks so cool

  72. Donovan Calk says:

    How can I contact them

  73. Kasar Daily Vlogs for you says:

    I'll give u £100 for the mutt

  74. EvanescentTuber says:

    A gun does the same thing for much cheaper 😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Cozy Clan says:

    Hulk the pit bull is stronger

  76. Sanai G says:

    Even though I love dogs and do anything for them.this types of training is good but also is making people and countries despise dogs and are creating rules on what dogs are permitted for that particular country

  77. Jem Houston stewart says:

    My pugs just as deadly 😂

  78. TSMSoaring Six36 says:

    No dog is worth that much

  79. vanessa Wright says:

    Ddk9 is way better

  80. Spare Some Coochie!? ;-; says:

    Hulk has a challenger

  81. Muneeb Khan says:

    Pitbull dog is toughest. Dog in world

  82. deadlyecho13 says:

    HULK as left the chat

  83. Lola Short says:

    Hey Saxa don't forget weenie dogs

  84. Donnie Quinn says:

    The hulk is beter

  85. Noah Arce says:

    That thumbnail is terrifying.

  86. criskillem7O2 says:

    I prefer Dog Dynasty

  87. Elmond Wilson says:

    cant beat hulk.

  88. 1000 subs with one vid challenge? says:

    This is a strong dog but….

    When you see a Kangal,co basically sarplanic,shar pei,Akita and African mastiff you'll change your mind about these dogs being scary

  89. anime geek says:

    They are not the toughest have you Seen hulk

  90. Nanikore? Oniichan? says:

    my dog was so little hes like a chuhuahua and he bites a little but hes kind and very gentle he is not barking and hes only 3months old and i have never herd him bark he keeps licking my foot hands face and hes not that good at eating but hes fat not very but just fat and his also cute and my dogs name is chimmy

  91. Bad bitch says:

    DDK overhere

  92. ssb 22 says:

    masih bagusan sparta😂

  93. Nig Ward says:

    I love hulk better

  94. exquisitreis says:

    Thats a cute puppy..

  95. Asian Aaron says:

    I thought this was the World's toughest dog then I saw hulk the pit bull oof

  96. Milly Vanilla says:

    Hulk vs this $40,000 dog. I vote hulk

  97. Dylan Power says:

    I also like how they r gentle around friends and family

  98. Nate Muller says:

    Who needs this when I was the one that trailed Alex the lion 🦁

  99. Lazy Izzy says:

    Actually I think it’s Hulk the pittbull this dog would probably be 2nd

  100. Ravelz - Retro Games And More says:

    When They Said Most Protective I Was Like Have You Saw DDK9's Pitbulls 🤦

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