Xgirl Nerf War: Mission To Protect The Ancient Gold Chain

November 8, 2019 posted by

Has it been enough? Sir, we’ve arrived enough Sir, what is this? This is an old necklace I want you to get it for me Where do we get it? This necklace is being guarded by Xgirl Yes, we know what to do So go get your gun Then get it here Yes Sir The boss handed this necklace to us We must keep it safe at all costs Now we will go and store it in a safe place Okay Let’s go You stay on guard, I go out Okay There was a person out of the base This is our chance to break in Let’s go Unexpectedly,
today’s task was completed so easily We have been discovered Got to get out of here quickly Ok They took the necklace Can’t let them escape from here We have to get the necklace at all costs We have been blocked What should we do Want to get out of here is the only way That is we stormed out okay Let’s go Do not let them take the necklace Chase You guys are great, dare to come here We go home


5 Replies to “Xgirl Nerf War: Mission To Protect The Ancient Gold Chain”

  1. Mr bean Cartoon says:

    nice girl i love all the girls where are your from

  2. Xgirl Nerf Guns says:

    Xgirl Nerf War: Mission To Protect The Ancient Gold Chain

  3. Mr bean Cartoon says:

    their nails are so colour full

  4. Táo Xanh TV says:

    Mission completed

  5. David says:

    Gold chains are well protected by girls

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