Youth Hearing Protection by Pro Ears ReVO

November 9, 2019 posted by

bjbj Hi, Charlie Ricci here from Pro Ears.
Pro Ears has a great reputation over the years as being a very high quality premium supplier
of hearing amplification and protection. What we ve developed now is a youth model designed
for youths. We re not merely just changing the packaging and the name under an existing
product and calling it youth. We went out, did the research and think we ve found the
right combination for kids today in shooting sports. First of all, you can tell that the
yoke is smaller, because of the small heads of our youth. We have more streamlined yokes,
so it has an attractive appearance and easy to manage. The ear seals are thicker than
other typical ear seals allowing greater comfort for longer periods of time so they protect
the hearing when they need to be protected. Like all Pro Ears muffs, the units are completely
modular. So if you drop them, break them, tear them, it is completely modular, you can
buy the replacement parts and assemble them back. And that includes the headband as well.
It has an adjustable headband and also provides an extra layer of padding. Again, Pro Ears
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2 Replies to “Youth Hearing Protection by Pro Ears ReVO”

  1. rji says:

    Man, I really wanted to see him try them on

  2. Butch Holladay says:

    great product iblove my Pro Ears

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